The Results of NCSoft’s Heavy Hand…

This week has been pretty hectic for NCSoft.  They took a lot of criticism for their heavy hands when dealing with the servers.  They put caps on faction population for every server during head-start, they capped total population very low initially and they opened up relatively few servers for the expected population.

This caused headaches for Legions and friends to get on their preferred server, it caused a lot of griping as players logged in on Tuesday to find 3-4 hour queues during prime time.  Much gnashing of teeth commenced.  Players were mad, blogger’s griped or made fun, depending on their interest in Aion and the situation, for some, looked grim.

I made a post early in the week that this was planned and was actually a pretty smart idea by NCSoft.  The post was met with some agreement but, also, much laughter and accusation of fanboyism.  Then Friday something funny happened. NCsoft announced that they were going to put a timer on the Personal Shops that were contributing to the queue.  In addition, they put up a new server.

Friday night we logged in to find sharply reduced queue times.  What was nearing 4 hours in prime time dropped down to 30 minutes or less for most people.  I logged in Friday night to a 12 minute queue and on Saturday to a 4 minute queue.  The “rage” posts about the queue dropped to near nothing on the Aion Source forums and moved on to other things.  All was right in the Aion world, at least as far as the queues were concerned.

So what was the results of NCSoft’s heavy hand at launch?  Let’s take a look and find out!

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The Total Debacle and Continuing Drama of the Aion RP Server

I have said many times that I do not roleplay, though I totally respect those that do, but I do tend to role on RP servers.  The community always seems more mature and there are a whole lot less ridiculous names running about.  I rolled on Phoenix Throne in WAR, on Cimmeria in AoC and on many other RP servers over the years.  All of them were light years ahead of other servers in terms of community and I loved all of them, even if I ended up disliking the game itself.

Now we come to Aion.  Every phase of closed beta there was a long, long thread and petition on the Beta Forums to create a RP server.  The overwhelming response from the community, RP’ers and non-RP’ers alike, was positive.  Ayase or Liv posted in all the threads that they were asking around and would get back to us when a decision was made.

It was.  And they did.

“No official Aion RP server” was the answer.

The RP community took the blow well and started organizing to create an “Unofficial” RP server.  Websites were created. Forum posts grew. If NCSoft wouldn’t create a RP server, by God, the players would do it themselves!  A poll appeared on Aion Roleplayers and the Lumiel server won by a fairly wide margin.  Pretty clear cut, right?

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