I Am Brett Favre….


I was all set to jump into Aion tomorrow on my shiny new Cleric.  I have watched

I Changed My Mind...

I Changed My Mind...

countless PvP videos about the Cleric, read tons of strategies, poured over all the skill charts and Stigma builds.  I was a Cleric and I was ready.

Then why do I find myself, a few hours from Headstart, deleting my Cleric and creating a Ranger?

I am Brett Favre.

No, really it’s not that.  Really it’s not.  I am not an indecisive person, I promise.  The truth is, something Borgio said in my class poll started to make sense to me.  I have played a physical ranged class in my two favorite MMOs.  In DAoC I was a hunter.  In WoW I was a hunter.  I loved them.  I was good at them.  One on one I could hold my own with anyone.

Now in WAR, LotRO and every other MMO I have played, I deviated from the physical ranged.  In WAR I played a tank and a healer.  In LotRO I played a healer.  For some reason I never could enjoy those classes as much.  Now, admittedly, a lot of that was the games themselves had problems but I think I just didn’t enjoy the classes as much.

I think my true calling is physical ranged, at least as a main.  I imagine I will roll a Cleric or Chanter at some point in Aion but, right now, I am going Ranger.

Elyos beware.


New Poll!

This one is easy:  What class should be my main?

I am having all sorts of trouble deciding.  Normally, I am a Ranger type.  I was a hunter in DAoC and in WoW but I am kinda getting tired of DPS.  I would like to be needed for once and it seems DPS are always over-populated.  That being said, I am good at ranged DPS and I know that that will continue in Aion.  Ranged DPS is like second nature to me.

So, right now I am stuck between a Chanter, Cleric or Ranger.  This is where you come in!  Help me decide!  Poll below!  Please vote!!!

Video Sunday: Extendable Weapon Edition!

Alright, something a bit different this Sunday.  Going to showcase some videos that show off the extendable weapons in Aion.  What are extendable weapons you ask?  Watch these videos and find out!!

First up, Assassin level 35 extendable dagger:

Next, level 45 Assassin!

Level 35 Gladiator Poleaxe:

Level 35 One-Handed Sword:

Level 35 Extendable Mace:

Level 35 Extendable Mace:

Level 45 Extendable Staff:

No, screens tonight as I have not had time to compile any.  Off work tomorrow so I will catch up then!

And Beta Weekend 2 ends…

Well, the second beta weekend for North America ended today.  Unfortunately, I was not able to play as much as I would like, as I worked the entire weekend.

I was able to get my priest to level 10 and then picked the Chanter.  I have tried the Cleric and I can say that even at level 10 the Chanter and Cleric feel totally different.  I was also able to do some Arena PvP, which was a whole lot of fun.  I went in with 5 others and we PvP’d against another full group.  As I suspected, flying brought a whole new level of strategy to PvP and will take a lot of getting used to.

The Chanter’s animations are fantastic.  Some of the best I have seen in an MMO.  They flow smoothly, the staff looks great and the effects are top notch.  All of this with amazing graphics and it still runs at a high frame rate.  Just an amazing job by NCSoft on this!

Speaking of animations, I found some videos of all of the chain skills for every class on YouTube.  These were not made by me, so props to AionHun for an amazing job!

The first is the Chanter.  The staff is just cool!

Next up, the Templar!  I think I prefer the sword and board animations:

And now, the Gladiator!  Very similiar to the Templar:

May be the best animations yet, the Assassin!  The spinning top looking one may be over the top for some, but you can’t deny it looks amazing:

Lets change it up a bit and go ranged!  The Spiritmaster:

Back to the healer archetype with, the Cleric!  Not as smooth as the Chanter, in my opinion, but still well done:

The Ranger really intrigues me, having played a hunter in WoW.  The animation where he throws the target in the air and then unloads with his bow is just too cool:

The Sorcerer is my last choice in classes, as I have never liked ranged magic classes.  This video might change that:

So, there you have it.  All of the current skill chains in the game.  These were made on the Korean client and, again, all thanks to AionHun for throwing these up on YouTube and making some incredibly cool and informative videos!