The Queue

This is a queue

This is a queue

I am going to start off my impressions of the first day of Aion with a look at the biggest controversy of the day…the server queue.  For many people the queue was insanely long, upwards of 3-4 hours for some.  Many people were frustrated for a lot of the day because of this reason.

One of my good friends was one of those folks caught in the queue for an extended amount of time.  He had actually come over to my house with his laptop to play, brought a bunch of snacks and drinks and we settled in for a day of Aion.  When the servers opened up we both logged in and got in immediately.  However, this was the first time he had played Aion on that laptop and he had to reboot it to change some settings.  By the time he got back he found himself in a queue approaching 2000 people.  I was already in, so I stayed in.  I didn’t want to level without him so I ran around and gathered Azpha and waited…

And waited…

And waited…

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The Aion Version Of The Armory Destroys WoW Armory

The new Aion website is up and it is something special.  Not only does the “Armory” do everything that the WoW and WAR armory does but it also has a 3D character viewer and the ability to check in-game mail and the broker (auction house)!

It’s a pretty amazing little website and looks really nice.  It also seems to run pretty fast, though the 3D character viewer takes a moment to load.

Ahira in the character viewer:

Ugly little dwarf, eh?

Ugly little dwarf, eh?

You can rotate him and put him into combat stances as well as see all your gear.  It’s a pretty nifty little feature.  Kudos to NCSoft for the new website features.

I Am Brett Favre….


I was all set to jump into Aion tomorrow on my shiny new Cleric.  I have watched

I Changed My Mind...

I Changed My Mind...

countless PvP videos about the Cleric, read tons of strategies, poured over all the skill charts and Stigma builds.  I was a Cleric and I was ready.

Then why do I find myself, a few hours from Headstart, deleting my Cleric and creating a Ranger?

I am Brett Favre.

No, really it’s not that.  Really it’s not.  I am not an indecisive person, I promise.  The truth is, something Borgio said in my class poll started to make sense to me.  I have played a physical ranged class in my two favorite MMOs.  In DAoC I was a hunter.  In WoW I was a hunter.  I loved them.  I was good at them.  One on one I could hold my own with anyone.

Now in WAR, LotRO and every other MMO I have played, I deviated from the physical ranged.  In WAR I played a tank and a healer.  In LotRO I played a healer.  For some reason I never could enjoy those classes as much.  Now, admittedly, a lot of that was the games themselves had problems but I think I just didn’t enjoy the classes as much.

I think my true calling is physical ranged, at least as a main.  I imagine I will roll a Cleric or Chanter at some point in Aion but, right now, I am going Ranger.

Elyos beware.

Goals For Headstart

One more day.  ONE MORE DAY.

One more day and the Aion headstart gets underway.  Finally, I will play a character that means something.  A character that won’t get wiped in a few weeks.  I am excited.

The time has finally come and, believe me, it couldn’t have come any slower.  Head Start LogoI am ready to begin the long trek to 50 and have a lot of fun along the way.  But, every journey begins with a few small steps and I have set for myself a couple of goals for the 2 days of headstart.  They are fairly easily attainable but should keep me busy all the way up to release.

  • Main character (Ahira, Cleric) up to level 25.
  • Ahira’s chosen crafting skills at a level commiserate with his level.
  • Ahira involved in at least one big PvP fight.
  • Multiple grouping experiences in the Elite areas.
  • Begin to create a good name for myself on Lumiel, both as a Healer and as a helpful part of the community.
  • Beer.  Consume lots and lots of beer.

That’s it.  Attaining level 25 might be tough, depending on how much I get to play, but I think it’s doable.  The most important goal for me is the next to the last one.  I think Havok made a great decision in rolling on Lumiel.  It seems to be a fantastic community and I would like to help foster that along if I can.  The community can make or break a MMO faster than anything save broken content and it is nice to have found such a great community as what we have found on Lumiel.


Fail, NCSoft? I Think Not….

When the servers finally came up for preselect today and the flood of players arrived, one thing became clear pretty quick: NCSoft means business when it comes to server Very quickly many of the servers were “full” on the Asmodian side.  Asmo was locked out on nearly every server after just a few minutes.

What was awesome though, is that it was not a complete lock out.  As more Elyos characters were created, more Asmo slots opened up.  If you were trying to roll an Asmo and failed due to the lock, you could continue trying and grab one of the slots as they opened.

Many people did not like this and understandbly so, but I think it was a fantastic decision for the long run health of Aion.  Many people probably remember all to well how unbalanced the WAR servers were on release.  The unbalanced server population in WAR greatly contributed to the decline of the game.  It is something that, a year later, they have still not recovered from.

NCSoft is taking a hardline approach to keeping the servers balanced and, in the long run, I think it will pay off.  Balance is vitally important for a PvP game and NCSoft is not going to mess around with it.

If you are not able to create your chosen race on any given server, continue trying until a slot opens up.  This maybe frustrating but you will thank them in the long run.

Naamah and Ahira Reporting For Duty!

After a bit of a rocky start, Aion preselect is up and ready to go.  They had a problem with a patch they released that nuked Aion from the NCSoft Launcher but after a few tense minutes the preselect was ready to go and finally launched about 45 minutes after schedule.

I have decided my main will be a Cleric and I will run an alt Ranger named Naamah.  Meet Ahira, my Asmodian Cleric:

Yeah, he's a

Yeah, he's a

I just made a random character for Naamah, just to reserve the name.   I will go back and work on her later.

Now, just have to wait for headstart……

NCSoft Hard At Work!

‘Nuff said:

Working late. Liv passed out. Ayase sleeping on floor. Chager and I going strong.

Working late. Liv passed out. Ayase sleeping on floor. Chager and I going strong.