Epic Balaur Video

Found a really cool video of a Balaur attack on an Elyos fortress.  First of all, the music is spot on for the video.  I can not think of anything better for this video.  Perfect.

Secondly, there is almost a sense of dread as the Dreadgion comes nearer (see what I did there?).  It’s almost palatable and it looks so cool.

Finally, you can certainly see that the Balaur are not to be trifled with, they are mean.  They hit hard and they have numbers as well.  Plus, they have the Dreadgion up in the sky blowing stuff up.  Too cool.

I can’t wait to participate in one of these.  I am really excited to see in what cool directions NCSoft can take the Balaur.  They can certainly do some pretty novel things with the Balaur if they put in the time.


I Am Back Writing!

So, after being away for a bit, I am now back and writing!  Some big, big news while I was away.  Open Beta has now been confirmed as being:

Open Beta: September 6 (Sunday) – 13 (Sunday)

Server and Character pre-selection: September 18 (Friday)

Head Start: September 20  (Sunday)

Launch: September 22 (Tuesday)

In addition, links for the 1.5 client have been released and can be found below:

Full Client
CBT-OBT Torrent

Looks like the time we have all been waiting for is getting close!  I am excited to see all that 1.5 has to offer!  I am going to close this post with an awesome video from Exfylina.  This one is filmed in one of the 1.5 dungeons and features a really cool mounted boss at the end!  Enjoy!

Video Sunday: Extendable Weapon Edition!

Alright, something a bit different this Sunday.  Going to showcase some videos that show off the extendable weapons in Aion.  What are extendable weapons you ask?  Watch these videos and find out!!

First up, Assassin level 35 extendable dagger:

Next, level 45 Assassin!

Level 35 Gladiator Poleaxe:

Level 35 One-Handed Sword:

Level 35 Extendable Mace:

Level 35 Extendable Mace:

Level 45 Extendable Staff:

No, screens tonight as I have not had time to compile any.  Off work tomorrow so I will catch up then!

Mounts Coming To Aion!

Thanks to Liv and Twitvid, we were able to see a new interview video with Aion Lead Designer Yongchan Jee (nice mullet that guy has, btw!), in which he drops some interesting information.  On top of that list:

  • As long as he is the designer the Balaur will never, ever be a playable faction.  From the answer, I think they have some tricks up their sleeves to make the Balaur more dynamic than they are currently.
Instancing should be a part of the game, not the whole purpose.

Instancing should be a part of the game, not the whole purpose.

  • They are currently looking at putting a couple of low-level (before 25) instances into the game.  This is nice, I liked low level instances in WoW and it really helped you learn how to play your character properly in a group situation.  At the same time, they need to be careful with instancing and not overdo it.  I don’t want an instance heavy world like WoW.  Give me open-world dungeons and I am happy.
  • They are already designing housing for the game.  Sounds like both Legion and player housing.  They want to combine it with aspects of Aion, whatever that means?  Floating houses, maybe?
Kills Immersion

Kills Immersion

  • They are currently looking at integrating social networking into the game, Twitter and such.  Not sure where I stand on this, on one hand it’s great to be able to contact friends easier in and out of game, but on the other hand it kills immersion.
A New Abyss?

A New Abyss?

  • They are developing a new Abyss zone that is less spread out and more concentrated.  I am not entirely sure if this replaces the current Abyss or is in addition to it.  I hope, personally, that it is in addition.  Having Fortresses more concentrated is nice but so is having smaller fights and skirmishes.  Spreading out the Fortresses into a larger zone allows for this, in my opinion.
Perfect Aion Mount?

Perfect Aion Mount?

  • Finally, they are adding mounts.  No other details but he cryptically states that they will be used for something other than transportation, since we already have wings for that.  Hmm, only thing I can think of is having them for movable Siege Weapons for Fortress fights.

So, lots of nice information in this video.  I am really interested in what we see coming up in the future for Aion.  Also seems that they are adding content at a feverish pace.

The video can be seen right here!

Screenshot/Video Sunday: August 16th Edition

Back for a bit late Screen/Video Sunday!  Working too much last week and having issues to deal with at home so I have not posted as much as normal.  Should be back to normal this week though!  For right now, here is the new edition of my weekly Video and Screenshot feature!

First up is a pretty funny WoW vs. Aion video.  Its not meant as a true comparison, just as a humorous look at one players thoughts!

Closed Beta 6 Elyos raid on Asmodae:

SpoonerGod’s video tutorial featuring the Stigma Quest chain at level 20:

Some nice PvP from CBT 5:

Another great Rift Raid video from CBT 5:

Now for some screens!  Click to enlarge!

Aion meets Jurassic Park?

Aion meets Jurassic Park?

Are they fighting?  If so, it is the coolest thing ever!

Are they fighting? If so, it is the coolest thing ever!

Methinks that's a lot of hats!

Methinks that's a lot of hats!

That’s it for now, be back late tomorrow night after work and then resume my regular posting!

Elyos Beta Event Video!

Sorry, I have not posted in the last couple of days, been very busy at work and with some personal stuff.  Got a short post for you tonight and will have a couple of posts tomorrow, unless something strange comes up!

Found a nice video of part of the beta event for the Elyos side.  Apparently, Balaur were dropped over the Elyos city to wreak havoc!

Screenshot and Video Sunday: August 9th Edition

Missed this feature last Sunday, as I had to work, but I have some really amazing videos for you today and a couple of nice screens mixed in.  By the way, I finally made the screen shots thumbnails that you can click and get bigger versions.  My idiotic self did not know how to do that before, but now that I do, it should make the screens much more enjoyable!

Let’s get it started with one of the funniest Aion videos I have seen.  This had me laughing hysterically and I watched it over and over.  Introducing the Personal Shop Trap!

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