1.5 Open Beta Patch Notes!

Patch notes for Open Beta have been posted!  You can read the full (very long notes!) here. In the meantime, here are some highlights!

  • 7 new instances.  Including Dark Poeta and a PvPvE instance, the Dreadgion.
  • Boss from Dark Poeta

    Boss from Dark Poeta

    Repose.  The Aion equivalent to WoW’s Rested XP.  Only available after level 20 but gives 20%-30% more XP from mob and player kills.

  • New Titles.
  • Increased PvPvE rewards.
  • Information on the new Slayer system.  This system is used during Rifting and basically makes players unable to grief PvE’ers constantly.
  • More information on the Greater Stigma System.
  • Damage decreased in PvP play.
  • New Class Skills for levels 46-50 and even new skills for 1-45!
  • Over 90 New Stigma Stones.
  • Tons and tons of new items and quests!
  • Left mouse button now controls the camera!!
  • Click to move is disabled by default.
  • Invert mouse option!
  • New character customization options.  New hairstyles, ability to change eye color and shoulder width.
  • The Search function for the Broker has been improved.
  • Class exclusive chat channels!
  • NPCs that can create character change have been added to the Capitol cities.  These changes include: Plastic Surgery and GENDER change!  To think, Blizzard charges real money for this!

All in all, this is a really strong patch.  I knew about most of it, but some still surprised me.  Looks like NCSoft has made a very good game even better.  Can not wait until Sunday!!


Screenshot/Video Sunday: August 16th Edition

Back for a bit late Screen/Video Sunday!  Working too much last week and having issues to deal with at home so I have not posted as much as normal.  Should be back to normal this week though!  For right now, here is the new edition of my weekly Video and Screenshot feature!

First up is a pretty funny WoW vs. Aion video.  Its not meant as a true comparison, just as a humorous look at one players thoughts!

Closed Beta 6 Elyos raid on Asmodae:

SpoonerGod’s video tutorial featuring the Stigma Quest chain at level 20:

Some nice PvP from CBT 5:

Another great Rift Raid video from CBT 5:

Now for some screens!  Click to enlarge!

Aion meets Jurassic Park?

Aion meets Jurassic Park?

Are they fighting?  If so, it is the coolest thing ever!

Are they fighting? If so, it is the coolest thing ever!

Methinks that's a lot of hats!

Methinks that's a lot of hats!

That’s it for now, be back late tomorrow night after work and then resume my regular posting!

Screenshot and Video Sunday: August 9th Edition

Missed this feature last Sunday, as I had to work, but I have some really amazing videos for you today and a couple of nice screens mixed in.  By the way, I finally made the screen shots thumbnails that you can click and get bigger versions.  My idiotic self did not know how to do that before, but now that I do, it should make the screens much more enjoyable!

Let’s get it started with one of the funniest Aion videos I have seen.  This had me laughing hysterically and I watched it over and over.  Introducing the Personal Shop Trap!

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