Introducing Ahira

The first day of Aion was pretty chaotic for me.  As detailed in the prior post, I got in immediately but my friend got stuck in the queue, so we got a late start.  We were only able to get an hour or so of gameplay before I had to log off and attend to some real life matters, so I wasn’t even able to ascend.

Got back on later in the evening and was able to get through the early area and Ascend into Daeva-hood.  Thus was Ahira, Ranger Extraordinaire born.

The Preorder Helm looks fairly ridiculous on a dwarf....

The Preorder Helm looks fairly ridiculous on a dwarf....

I am really enjoying the Ranger so far, they are extremely difficult to level in the early game but very rewarding and engaging.  Kiting is a necessary skill and the inability to kite will result in countless deaths.  To make matters even more difficult, many areas are so packed with mobs that kiting is fraught with danger, as it is very easy to aggro additional mobs.  You have to be very cognizant of your surroundings at all times and plan out each and every combat.

Luckily, I was able to get into a Legion group fairly early this evening.  We were doing the quests immediately after the Altgard Fortress in the first forest area.  We started the night with myself, a Templar, a Cleric and an Assassin before adding a second Templar later in the evening and it was one of the best grouping experiences I have had in a long, long time in an MMO.

We were able to progress through a large chunk of quests all the way up to the Elite Black Claw area with no problems.  We entered the Black Claw area under-leveled, as we were only level 14 and all the mobs were red to us.  Even with that we were able to complete a couple of quests there and down quite a few mobs, though we had to be extremely careful with our pulls.  More than two and we were in a lot of trouble.

Speaking of which, it was so nice to play an MMO that has group content outside of an instance.  WoW used to have a number of areas like this but they have since been nerfed into solo-able content.  I love solo content but I would really like to see some group content in the mix as well.  Aion provides that and it’s refreshing.

At the moment, I am level 14 and moving quickly toward 15.  Not as high as I wanted but I am having fun.  Quite a bit in fact.  Tomorrow our group from this evening is getting back together for some more questing and I can hardly wait.


The Aion Version Of The Armory Destroys WoW Armory

The new Aion website is up and it is something special.  Not only does the “Armory” do everything that the WoW and WAR armory does but it also has a 3D character viewer and the ability to check in-game mail and the broker (auction house)!

It’s a pretty amazing little website and looks really nice.  It also seems to run pretty fast, though the 3D character viewer takes a moment to load.

Ahira in the character viewer:

Ugly little dwarf, eh?

Ugly little dwarf, eh?

You can rotate him and put him into combat stances as well as see all your gear.  It’s a pretty nifty little feature.  Kudos to NCSoft for the new website features.

I Am Brett Favre….


I was all set to jump into Aion tomorrow on my shiny new Cleric.  I have watched

I Changed My Mind...

I Changed My Mind...

countless PvP videos about the Cleric, read tons of strategies, poured over all the skill charts and Stigma builds.  I was a Cleric and I was ready.

Then why do I find myself, a few hours from Headstart, deleting my Cleric and creating a Ranger?

I am Brett Favre.

No, really it’s not that.  Really it’s not.  I am not an indecisive person, I promise.  The truth is, something Borgio said in my class poll started to make sense to me.  I have played a physical ranged class in my two favorite MMOs.  In DAoC I was a hunter.  In WoW I was a hunter.  I loved them.  I was good at them.  One on one I could hold my own with anyone.

Now in WAR, LotRO and every other MMO I have played, I deviated from the physical ranged.  In WAR I played a tank and a healer.  In LotRO I played a healer.  For some reason I never could enjoy those classes as much.  Now, admittedly, a lot of that was the games themselves had problems but I think I just didn’t enjoy the classes as much.

I think my true calling is physical ranged, at least as a main.  I imagine I will roll a Cleric or Chanter at some point in Aion but, right now, I am going Ranger.

Elyos beware.

Goals For Headstart

One more day.  ONE MORE DAY.

One more day and the Aion headstart gets underway.  Finally, I will play a character that means something.  A character that won’t get wiped in a few weeks.  I am excited.

The time has finally come and, believe me, it couldn’t have come any slower.  Head Start LogoI am ready to begin the long trek to 50 and have a lot of fun along the way.  But, every journey begins with a few small steps and I have set for myself a couple of goals for the 2 days of headstart.  They are fairly easily attainable but should keep me busy all the way up to release.

  • Main character (Ahira, Cleric) up to level 25.
  • Ahira’s chosen crafting skills at a level commiserate with his level.
  • Ahira involved in at least one big PvP fight.
  • Multiple grouping experiences in the Elite areas.
  • Begin to create a good name for myself on Lumiel, both as a Healer and as a helpful part of the community.
  • Beer.  Consume lots and lots of beer.

That’s it.  Attaining level 25 might be tough, depending on how much I get to play, but I think it’s doable.  The most important goal for me is the next to the last one.  I think Havok made a great decision in rolling on Lumiel.  It seems to be a fantastic community and I would like to help foster that along if I can.  The community can make or break a MMO faster than anything save broken content and it is nice to have found such a great community as what we have found on Lumiel.


My Server, My Race, My Legion…


With character pre-select rapidly approaching, everyone who preordered Aion is scrambling to decide their server, race and possibly Legion.  Servers are filling up rapidly and the server forums on Aion Source are active as Legions post recruitment ads and everyone prepares for the floodgates to open.

Tonight my Legion, Havok, have settled on a race and server to role on.  We waited until almost the last moment so that we could peruse the various server forums and get an idea of how each server’s community is going to look.  We had a lot of discussion on what we were and were not looking for in a server and after much gnashing of teeth settled on Lumiel as our server.

Lumiel, as you may remember, is the final destination of most of the RP community in Aion and will be the “Unofficial” Roleplay server.  Havok is not a RP guild but we certainly enjoy the (normally) more mature community that is to be found on most RP servers.  We look forward to joining forces with our Asmodian comrades and fighting against our Elyos opponents.

I found Havok through the Keen and Graev forums and decided to join on Keen’s recommendation and I am glad I did.  They are a great group of folks and I truly look forward to leveling, PvPing and PvEing with them in the weeks, months and, hopefully, years to come.  Playing a MMO is fun but playing a MMO with a great Guild/Legion is even better.  I think I found one in Havok.

If you are still without a Legion for Aion’s launch and wish to inquire about Havok, leave a comment here or click the Havok banner above and check us out!

Havok Details:

Server: Lumiel (EST)
Race: Asmodian

Character Pre-Selection: Sept 18th – 12:00PM PST to Sept 20th – 9:00AM PST

Head Start: Sept 20th – 12:00PM PST

If you are planning on playing with us, make sure to sign up and check out the relevant information for release.

See you all on the 20th!

Donation To Aionic Thoughts

You may have noticed a new button over yonder on the right-hand side.  Yes, it is for donations.  No, they are not expected from you.  I make no money from this website nor do I expect to do so.  However, I do have large plans for the site.  A friend of mine picked up the Aionic Thoughts domain recently and I am looking to move over to it and make some big additions to the site.  Forums, chat and the like are something I am wanting to do in the near future and any and all donations will be put right back into the site.

However, I am not a rich man and any donations would be helpful.   I do not want to make this a money making site but it would be nice to make it one that I can grow without breaking the bank.  This does not mean that I expect donations or that if I get none I am going away.  I am here and a part of Aion for the long haul.  Don’t worry if you can not or do not want to donate, believe me I understand and it is not expected.  If you want to help out I thank you but if not I will still be here!

Thanks a lot to all my readers, whether you donate or not.  I have a lot of plans for Aionic Thoughts and just a few small donations here and there will help me realize them.

Thanks again, folks!

Implements Of War

Well, the time is rapidly approaching for the release of Aion.  I thought I would give you folks a look at what I will be using to play the game.  Now, I am not talking about my PC (although I might post my specs later) but the keyboard and mouse that I use.  Both are awesome and I have yet to find anything better than the combination.

The Merc Keyboard

The Merc Keyboard

This is the keyboard I use, its by Zboard and is, by far, the best gaming keyboard I have ever used.  Though it looks large it’s only about 1/2 inch bigger than most keyboards.  They have moved around the layout to reduce the standard keyboard size, which enabled them to add the gaming pad on the left without making the keyboard much larger.

Close up of the Merc gamepad

Close up of the Merc gamepad

As you can see on the close up shot, the Merc has a lot of buttons that are well-spaced and within easy reach.  The keyboard is comfortable and there is an easy to use Macro and keybinding software included.  With the amount of buttons needed for modern MMOs the Merc is awesome.

G5 Mouse

G5 Mouse

The mouse I use is probably much more familiar to the average player, it’s the Logitech G5 Gaming mouse.  I have tried the Razer mice but they are all too low sitting for me and do not feel comfortable.  The G5, on the other hand, is a higher mouse and not so low slung, which is perfect for me.  The G5 also has quite a few programmable buttons that I use for various things.

Both of these together mean I never have to click anything on my screen.  Nearly everything is hot-keyed which makes quick moving PvP and fast paced PvE much easier.

So, what kind of gear are you folks taking to war?