Goals For Headstart

One more day.  ONE MORE DAY.

One more day and the Aion headstart gets underway.  Finally, I will play a character that means something.  A character that won’t get wiped in a few weeks.  I am excited.

The time has finally come and, believe me, it couldn’t have come any slower.  Head Start LogoI am ready to begin the long trek to 50 and have a lot of fun along the way.  But, every journey begins with a few small steps and I have set for myself a couple of goals for the 2 days of headstart.  They are fairly easily attainable but should keep me busy all the way up to release.

  • Main character (Ahira, Cleric) up to level 25.
  • Ahira’s chosen crafting skills at a level commiserate with his level.
  • Ahira involved in at least one big PvP fight.
  • Multiple grouping experiences in the Elite areas.
  • Begin to create a good name for myself on Lumiel, both as a Healer and as a helpful part of the community.
  • Beer.  Consume lots and lots of beer.

That’s it.  Attaining level 25 might be tough, depending on how much I get to play, but I think it’s doable.  The most important goal for me is the next to the last one.  I think Havok made a great decision in rolling on Lumiel.  It seems to be a fantastic community and I would like to help foster that along if I can.  The community can make or break a MMO faster than anything save broken content and it is nice to have found such a great community as what we have found on Lumiel.



Fail, NCSoft? I Think Not….

When the servers finally came up for preselect today and the flood of players arrived, one thing became clear pretty quick: NCSoft means business when it comes to server balance.life-balance Very quickly many of the servers were “full” on the Asmodian side.  Asmo was locked out on nearly every server after just a few minutes.

What was awesome though, is that it was not a complete lock out.  As more Elyos characters were created, more Asmo slots opened up.  If you were trying to roll an Asmo and failed due to the lock, you could continue trying and grab one of the slots as they opened.

Many people did not like this and understandbly so, but I think it was a fantastic decision for the long run health of Aion.  Many people probably remember all to well how unbalanced the WAR servers were on release.  The unbalanced server population in WAR greatly contributed to the decline of the game.  It is something that, a year later, they have still not recovered from.

NCSoft is taking a hardline approach to keeping the servers balanced and, in the long run, I think it will pay off.  Balance is vitally important for a PvP game and NCSoft is not going to mess around with it.

If you are not able to create your chosen race on any given server, continue trying until a slot opens up.  This maybe frustrating but you will thank them in the long run.

Naamah and Ahira Reporting For Duty!

After a bit of a rocky start, Aion preselect is up and ready to go.  They had a problem with a patch they released that nuked Aion from the NCSoft Launcher but after a few tense minutes the preselect was ready to go and finally launched about 45 minutes after schedule.

I have decided my main will be a Cleric and I will run an alt Ranger named Naamah.  Meet Ahira, my Asmodian Cleric:

Yeah, he's a dwarf....so?

Yeah, he's a dwarf....so?

I just made a random character for Naamah, just to reserve the name.   I will go back and work on her later.

Now, just have to wait for headstart……

NCSoft Hard At Work!

‘Nuff said:

Working late. Liv passed out. Ayase sleeping on floor. Chager and I going strong.

Working late. Liv passed out. Ayase sleeping on floor. Chager and I going strong.

My Server, My Race, My Legion…


With character pre-select rapidly approaching, everyone who preordered Aion is scrambling to decide their server, race and possibly Legion.  Servers are filling up rapidly and the server forums on Aion Source are active as Legions post recruitment ads and everyone prepares for the floodgates to open.

Tonight my Legion, Havok, have settled on a race and server to role on.  We waited until almost the last moment so that we could peruse the various server forums and get an idea of how each server’s community is going to look.  We had a lot of discussion on what we were and were not looking for in a server and after much gnashing of teeth settled on Lumiel as our server.

Lumiel, as you may remember, is the final destination of most of the RP community in Aion and will be the “Unofficial” Roleplay server.  Havok is not a RP guild but we certainly enjoy the (normally) more mature community that is to be found on most RP servers.  We look forward to joining forces with our Asmodian comrades and fighting against our Elyos opponents.

I found Havok through the Keen and Graev forums and decided to join on Keen’s recommendation and I am glad I did.  They are a great group of folks and I truly look forward to leveling, PvPing and PvEing with them in the weeks, months and, hopefully, years to come.  Playing a MMO is fun but playing a MMO with a great Guild/Legion is even better.  I think I found one in Havok.

If you are still without a Legion for Aion’s launch and wish to inquire about Havok, leave a comment here or click the Havok banner above and check us out!

Havok Details:

Server: Lumiel (EST)
Race: Asmodian

Character Pre-Selection: Sept 18th – 12:00PM PST to Sept 20th – 9:00AM PST

Head Start: Sept 20th – 12:00PM PST

If you are planning on playing with us, make sure to sign up and check out the relevant information for release.

See you all on the 20th!

The Total Debacle and Continuing Drama of the Aion RP Server

I have said many times that I do not roleplay, though I totally respect those that do, but I do tend to role on RP servers.  The community always seems more mature and there are a whole lot less ridiculous names running about.  I rolled on Phoenix Throne in WAR, on Cimmeria in AoC and on many other RP servers over the years.  All of them were light years ahead of other servers in terms of community and I loved all of them, even if I ended up disliking the game itself.

Now we come to Aion.  Every phase of closed beta there was a long, long thread and petition on the Beta Forums to create a RP server.  The overwhelming response from the community, RP’ers and non-RP’ers alike, was positive.  Ayase or Liv posted in all the threads that they were asking around and would get back to us when a decision was made.

It was.  And they did.

“No official Aion RP server” was the answer.

The RP community took the blow well and started organizing to create an “Unofficial” RP server.  Websites were created. Forum posts grew. If NCSoft wouldn’t create a RP server, by God, the players would do it themselves!  A poll appeared on Aion Roleplayers and the Lumiel server won by a fairly wide margin.  Pretty clear cut, right?

(More after the break!)

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Now This Is Funny!

So, a few weeks ago I had a post on my blog about the Aion Collector’s Edition.  In that post I passingly mentioned Joan Rivers.  It was a small mention and included a small picture of her.  After the post I forgot all about having it on there.

So, yesterday and today, while looking at my blog stats, I noticed something funny.  For those of you who have never used WordPress, there is an area that tells you how people found your blog, including the Google searches used to find it.  Under that section this is what I am now seeing:

joan rivers2So, 24 people so far today have found my blog by searching on Google for Joan Rivers.  Hmm, I bet they were surprised!