It’s About Time, Huh?

Sorry I have been away for a bit.  It’s been an extremely busy time for me in the last few weeks.  I am getting ready for the Windows 7 release at my work, taking care of some family matters and playing Aion, which has left me precious little time to post.  Things are starting to calm down a bit so you should be seeing a number of new posts up in the next few days.  This is the first of many.

So, with the little free time I have had lately I have been playing Aion.  Quite a lot actually and I am really enjoying it.  As you may already know I started out with a Ranger, Ahira.  I was loving him and he reminded me quite a bit of my old WoW hunter without a pet.  The leveling on a ranger is very slow at first but at 16 starts to pick up and become much easier.  I leveled Ahira up to level 21 and ran into a problem.

I play with a group of real life and online friends and we have migrated to new games together for quite a bit.  This time we all rolled together and Aion and began grouping and helping each other as we normally do but we ran into two problems.

First, I level faster than they do.  I tend to get a bit more game time in than they do for whatever reason so I was finding myself outpacing them, which is not something I wanted to do.  When I hit 20 they were still around 15 or 16, which meant I found myself doing content over and over again while helping them level.  This sucked for me and for them.

Secondly, none of my friends rolled a healer.  None.  We had DPS, we had tanks, we had off-tanks but we had no healers at all.  This was not good.  I have found healers to be a fairly important part of group make up during my MMO travels and Aion was proving to be no exception.  I am not a big fan of pugging especially (arguably) the single most important role in a group.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and roll a cleric.  When I started the cleric my friends were all between 15-17 or so.  Now they are around 20-24.  I am also 24.  Damn, they are slow.  Painfully slow.   At this rate I am going to have 4-5 characters hit level cap at roughly the same time.  This sucks.  I think I need to bribe my friends to level faster.  Actually, I think I just need to sit down with their wives, bosses and family and explain the situation.  I am sure they will understand.

Anyway, my cleric is now 24.  I am one level away from the greatness of the Abyss and I can not wait.  I expect to hit 25 tomorrow and then make fun of my friends for being slow.  That’s the plan anyway.

Fenriz contemplating the reason for being.....

Fenriz contemplating the reason for being.....

So, that is my cleric, Fenriz.  The battle-scarred, rugged warrior of the North.  Or cleric actually.  Also I think technically he is from the south but you get the idea.  Also he’s a lot of fun.  More fun than I thought a healer would be.  Unlike my Ranger, I can accidentally get an add when soloing and not have to run off like a little girl, screaming in fear.  I save that for when I get two adds.

I have not really been able to do much PvP as I am saving Rifting for a bit higher into my twenties.  I did kill a single Elyos outside of Morheim Fortress the other day but I think he was just trying to get the hell out of there so I don’t think that really counts.

I have been able to duel a number of people and I must say that Clerics are tough to beat 1 vs 1 at this level.  I have no problems with Gladiators or Assassins.  Rangers can be tough but certainly beatable and the same goes for sorcerers.  I have found dueling a Chanter or another Cleric to be almost identical to watching old people have sex, slow and boring.  Spiritmasters, aaaah Spiritmasters.  You remember what I said about running and screaming like a little girl when getting more than 1 add?  Yeah, that pretty much applies to me when a Spiritmaster asks to duel.  It’s not pretty.

So, I am going to wrap this up with a bit about what I am going to cover tomorrow.  A lot has happened in the world of Aion and NCSoft and I plan to touch on some of that, including more about the gold spamming and bot situation, the PvE that I have been able to do so far and some other miscellaneous stuff.  I hope you check it out!


8 Responses

  1. Ha I actually rerolled a cleric at the weekend and Im loving it!

    Are you wearing mail in that picture? I’ve not really researched the cleric but I’ve stuck with a staff and any gear with MP+ or spell power which seems to be only cloth at this stage. Am I right in doing this or should I be wearing mail?

    • Yep, mostly the Restless mail. I finally got my armor crafting up high enough to make some useful stuff for myself, which I plan to do tonight.

    • Forgot to answer your other questions. I normally roll with a mace and shield, though a staff is great when soloing. Mobs go down faster which is nice. As far as mail is concerned, you should be wearing mail after level 10 and leave the cloth stuff to the sorcerers and spiritmasters (as much as I hate SMs in PvP I still won’t take their stuff!). Also, I have found that socketing +HP manastones is the way to go mostly, though that may change later. MP may be more needed later but I think HP is more important now. Magic boost, while nice, doesn’t seem to give me enough “oomph” to use instead of +HP.

      • My cleric is the same way. I just use HP stones, and wear mail. The only downfall with my cleric is it seems forever to kill stuff so it seems much slower grinding levels.

  2. Cheers for that, I’ll need to change my professions as well cause I took tailoring and handicraft 😦 I’ll maybe keep the handicraft and take armoursmithing as well.

  3. HE’S ALIVE!!!! Thank Aion!

  4. I just hit 25 this weekend too! Only to run into the same problem you did… my wife is not leveling up fast enough… not at all, actually. I’m 4-5 levels higher than her, and I’ve been doing everything I can not to go any further. My two RL friends quit playing with me.. and now I’m left alone bored out of my mind. Aion is a very SOCIAL game… very boring alone. Take it from me. Anyway, Borderlands will be in my PS3 tomorrow… and I’ll be happy (I hope) until RL friends hit my level.

  5. Heh, it’s nice to see you’re still kicking, I was getting a little worried!

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