Banning Is Srs Bsnss!


As you can tell from the screenshots above (taken from the Aion forums) NCSoft is starting to take a harder line with gold-spammers and botters.  As detailed in my last post, this is an extremely serious problem at the moment.  Gold spam is bad enough that I have to go /anon when logging in and leave all the channels, including general and looking for group.  This does not make for a very enjoyable experience and is the one problem I have with Aion at the moment.

But, as detailed in the screenshots, there is hope.   It’s a start, albeit a small one.  There needs to be easier tools to report the spammers, as it is way too difficult at the moment.  Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.


10 Responses

  1. Heh, it’s nice to see the GMs have a sense of humor!

  2. Its nice to know that they are taking a hard line approach to the spam and bot issues. I must have easily reported 10+ bots yesterday, so here’s to hoping I don’t see them roaming around today!

  3. The best thing that I’ve found to cleaning up my chat channels has just been clicking on their name & blocking them. Yes, at first there are a ton but once you see it, block it. I did this for about 10 minutes & I don’t really see them much any more.

    It’s wonderful that they are really trying to handle this issue once & for all.

  4. It does sound like they are being pretty serious about it. Today I received a twitter on my phone that they are making a huge announcement about gold spamming in Aion. I can’t wait to see it.

  5. […] Banning Is Srs Bsnss! Aionic Thoughts Prob a repost, but I laughed at the pics. gj ncsoft. […]

  6. Good to see GMs getting active and having a laugh while they’re at it! My block-list was getting ridiculous. Hope that’s a step in the right direction. 🙂

  7. […] A great image displaying GMs at work has been posted @ Aionic Thoughts and you can read their post about the issue as well here. […]

  8. If truth be told I was pretty mortified when I logged on and literally couldnt read anything other than gold spam but hey its in its infancy and they will have been caught cold in that respect. The ignore feature was easy to use so Im happy enough however I imagine players not familiar with other MMOs maybe wont be as forgiving as myself.

  9. NcSoft is using the wrong approach by mass banning because this is not the solution. They will end up alienating and offending A LOT OF PAYING CUSTOMERS, regardless of their personal stand on RMT, and whether or not they have purchased virtual currency. Let’s start punishing the spammers, NOT THE CUSTOMERS

    • @ Felly

      As you present a valid point, i do not entirely believe in it. NCsoft is doing the right thing punishing both, the seller and the buyer, it just goes hand in hand.

      No buyers = no sellers, and vice versa.

      Guess everyone agreed to T&C? Right?

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