Introducing Ahira

The first day of Aion was pretty chaotic for me.  As detailed in the prior post, I got in immediately but my friend got stuck in the queue, so we got a late start.  We were only able to get an hour or so of gameplay before I had to log off and attend to some real life matters, so I wasn’t even able to ascend.

Got back on later in the evening and was able to get through the early area and Ascend into Daeva-hood.  Thus was Ahira, Ranger Extraordinaire born.

The Preorder Helm looks fairly ridiculous on a dwarf....

The Preorder Helm looks fairly ridiculous on a dwarf....

I am really enjoying the Ranger so far, they are extremely difficult to level in the early game but very rewarding and engaging.  Kiting is a necessary skill and the inability to kite will result in countless deaths.  To make matters even more difficult, many areas are so packed with mobs that kiting is fraught with danger, as it is very easy to aggro additional mobs.  You have to be very cognizant of your surroundings at all times and plan out each and every combat.

Luckily, I was able to get into a Legion group fairly early this evening.  We were doing the quests immediately after the Altgard Fortress in the first forest area.  We started the night with myself, a Templar, a Cleric and an Assassin before adding a second Templar later in the evening and it was one of the best grouping experiences I have had in a long, long time in an MMO.

We were able to progress through a large chunk of quests all the way up to the Elite Black Claw area with no problems.  We entered the Black Claw area under-leveled, as we were only level 14 and all the mobs were red to us.  Even with that we were able to complete a couple of quests there and down quite a few mobs, though we had to be extremely careful with our pulls.  More than two and we were in a lot of trouble.

Speaking of which, it was so nice to play an MMO that has group content outside of an instance.  WoW used to have a number of areas like this but they have since been nerfed into solo-able content.  I love solo content but I would really like to see some group content in the mix as well.  Aion provides that and it’s refreshing.

At the moment, I am level 14 and moving quickly toward 15.  Not as high as I wanted but I am having fun.  Quite a bit in fact.  Tomorrow our group from this evening is getting back together for some more questing and I can hardly wait.


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  1. My guild farmed Krall bosses all day. Kill them in every channel, and became the best geared players in our guild.

  2. Did you find there were many people looking for groups to go and do the same stuff you were doing? Right now, I’m the only person of my group of friends in Aion, so I’ll have to rely solely on pick-up groups for at least into my teens.

    I really like the idea of world-group content, but I am nervous about actually being able to complete quests and explore the world when I want to, and being held back by not having a pre-made group ready to go.

    • There are people everywhere. Tons of people. People crawling out of the woodwork. You should have absolutely no problem finding a group. That said, find yourself a good guild, that will help immensely.

      • Very true — my friends from other (ahem) MMOs haven’t made the leap to Aion yet, so I’m waiting to see if they reform over here. I suppose the group-finding problem might only crop up after many months, when the starting zones begin to empty out.

      • If you role on Lumiel, I can get you into Havok. Great bunch of folks, number about 50 strong atm.

  3. Great entry Ahira! Yes, it was a great night. We’ve played duo/solo for so long since WoW days that it was such a treat to be playing with other human beings, lol. Tues/Wed are bad for us b/c of activities with the kids so you may see Shazbot on, but he is likely dual boxing – however… we will have lots of time to play starting Friday at about 3pm EST. I am going to drag him to home depot this weekend for an hour, but otherwise we are free to pick up where we left off.

  4. ok so i bought aion…… no you aint seeing things I actually did. I’m still downloading the game via the website but am hoping to get some game time or at least create my character by the end of the day.

    With classes etc the Rangers class is the only one which I fancy atm, with this in mind do you have any plans to write a guide or have any links to guides for this particular class?

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