The Aion Version Of The Armory Destroys WoW Armory

The new Aion website is up and it is something special.  Not only does the “Armory” do everything that the WoW and WAR armory does but it also has a 3D character viewer and the ability to check in-game mail and the broker (auction house)!

It’s a pretty amazing little website and looks really nice.  It also seems to run pretty fast, though the 3D character viewer takes a moment to load.

Ahira in the character viewer:

Ugly little dwarf, eh?

Ugly little dwarf, eh?

You can rotate him and put him into combat stances as well as see all your gear.  It’s a pretty nifty little feature.  Kudos to NCSoft for the new website features.


9 Responses

  1. Not to mention they have an efficient character search feature. The new site is really badass, serious kudos.

  2. Oh that is awesome!!!

  3. The updates they did are amazing. This totally blows the WoW armory out of the water.

  4. Yeah, but the WoW Armory is beta !!

  5. straws …..clutching

    come on its a freaking armoury page to check out peoples builds/gear.

  6. Yeh…I have to admit I was pretty blown away when I saw the Aion armory.
    Are we really surprised that it blows wows away though?
    I mean…really? 🙂

  7. Mine never bloody loads!!!

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