I Am Brett Favre….


I was all set to jump into Aion tomorrow on my shiny new Cleric.  I have watched

I Changed My Mind...

I Changed My Mind...

countless PvP videos about the Cleric, read tons of strategies, poured over all the skill charts and Stigma builds.  I was a Cleric and I was ready.

Then why do I find myself, a few hours from Headstart, deleting my Cleric and creating a Ranger?

I am Brett Favre.

No, really it’s not that.  Really it’s not.  I am not an indecisive person, I promise.  The truth is, something Borgio said in my class poll started to make sense to me.  I have played a physical ranged class in my two favorite MMOs.  In DAoC I was a hunter.  In WoW I was a hunter.  I loved them.  I was good at them.  One on one I could hold my own with anyone.

Now in WAR, LotRO and every other MMO I have played, I deviated from the physical ranged.  In WAR I played a tank and a healer.  In LotRO I played a healer.  For some reason I never could enjoy those classes as much.  Now, admittedly, a lot of that was the games themselves had problems but I think I just didn’t enjoy the classes as much.

I think my true calling is physical ranged, at least as a main.  I imagine I will roll a Cleric or Chanter at some point in Aion but, right now, I am going Ranger.

Elyos beware.


8 Responses

  1. I called it! I totally voted ranger, I win some cookies right?

  2. 1. i called it
    2. beware? BRING IT ONNNNNN!

  3. Excellent pick. I went with Sorcerer and Ranger as my two first characters. It’s hard to choose with Aion since so many of the classes are so well done 🙂

  4. I think you are John Kerry (Flip/flop).

    I am having second thoughts myself, but I keep reminding myself it will be easier to find a pocket dps to go pvping with than a pocket healer so I am staying with cleric.

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  6. Ranger…the easy mode of Aion….

    Boo to your choice.

  7. GO ME!!!!

    Yay! Nothing to stop you rolling your Cleric at some point buddy, for now I think you will have some great enjoyment with your Ranger 🙂

    Have fun!

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