Naamah and Ahira Reporting For Duty!

After a bit of a rocky start, Aion preselect is up and ready to go.  They had a problem with a patch they released that nuked Aion from the NCSoft Launcher but after a few tense minutes the preselect was ready to go and finally launched about 45 minutes after schedule.

I have decided my main will be a Cleric and I will run an alt Ranger named Naamah.  Meet Ahira, my Asmodian Cleric:

Yeah, he's a

Yeah, he's a

I just made a random character for Naamah, just to reserve the name.   I will go back and work on her later.

Now, just have to wait for headstart……


4 Responses

  1. heh nice dwarf ;P

    man i was so mad when I logged in, checked the name “Rydia” (which was available), make her look like how I wanted and when I went to create, I got an error about the name being taken. All in a matter of minutes!!!!!

  2. Gratz on picking a class! Cleric should be fun – lots of healing, and some of those offensive spells pack a serious punch.

    @sinergy yeah, name reservation is tricky business; lots of people in my guild just popped in and made a random toon with the name. They’ll go back and remake ’em in the middle of the night; nothing else to do until Sunday, after all XD

  3. I rolled on Lumiel as fem asmo warr (templar intended)

    I sould be down this evening, I’ll stop by and we can make arrangements for a lvling party for headstart.

    P.S. at least it’s better than ‘omgwtfrotflmao’

    @synergy Yeah, the server was locked by the time I got off work so I missed most of the names I wanted.

    • Okay. I may be going to the Motorhead concert tonight, so try to come a bit early. If you miss me, head over tomorrow before noon, which is when the headstart begins.

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