My Server, My Race, My Legion…


With character pre-select rapidly approaching, everyone who preordered Aion is scrambling to decide their server, race and possibly Legion.  Servers are filling up rapidly and the server forums on Aion Source are active as Legions post recruitment ads and everyone prepares for the floodgates to open.

Tonight my Legion, Havok, have settled on a race and server to role on.  We waited until almost the last moment so that we could peruse the various server forums and get an idea of how each server’s community is going to look.  We had a lot of discussion on what we were and were not looking for in a server and after much gnashing of teeth settled on Lumiel as our server.

Lumiel, as you may remember, is the final destination of most of the RP community in Aion and will be the “Unofficial” Roleplay server.  Havok is not a RP guild but we certainly enjoy the (normally) more mature community that is to be found on most RP servers.  We look forward to joining forces with our Asmodian comrades and fighting against our Elyos opponents.

I found Havok through the Keen and Graev forums and decided to join on Keen’s recommendation and I am glad I did.  They are a great group of folks and I truly look forward to leveling, PvPing and PvEing with them in the weeks, months and, hopefully, years to come.  Playing a MMO is fun but playing a MMO with a great Guild/Legion is even better.  I think I found one in Havok.

If you are still without a Legion for Aion’s launch and wish to inquire about Havok, leave a comment here or click the Havok banner above and check us out!

Havok Details:

Server: Lumiel (EST)
Race: Asmodian

Character Pre-Selection: Sept 18th – 12:00PM PST to Sept 20th – 9:00AM PST

Head Start: Sept 20th – 12:00PM PST

If you are planning on playing with us, make sure to sign up and check out the relevant information for release.

See you all on the 20th!


5 Responses

  1. I too chose Lumiel as my server. Lumiel seems to have the most mature player base that I could find and I played there in the beta. I will be Elyos though, so I look forward to killing.. er I mean seeing you on the battlefield. No legion as of yet though.

  2. Kek. I think most of the blogging population is Asmodian on Lumiel. 🙂

    Toque from and Fedoldinn and myself (from QQ) are also there. 😉

  3. I would have gone Asmodian but I got out voted. 😦 So instead I’ll be Elyos over on Triniel. I think I missed it but what class won the vote for what you are going to be.

  4. I look forward to ripping off the pretty wings and quenching my thirst with the blood of my Elyos enemies.

    I’m glad to have you with us.

  5. The K&G community is great and a lot of fun to game with. I went through Darkfall with them and even from that limited time it was still some of the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO. I’m looking forward to going through Aion with them and getting to know everyone else in Havok. It should be a good time.

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