Another Good Decision By NCSoft….Oceanic Server Announced.

From Ayase:

The key to launching an MMORPG of Aion‘s magnitude is communication. We been keeping everyone following the game aware of what our plans are and listened to your feedback, creating a dialog with you. We’ve also kept an eye on the various Aion communities, talked to Aion community members, and compared what they have said and requested with our beta test data. Based on all this input, we have decided to launch Aion with an Oceanic server set to GMT+10.

Our Oceanic communities have already masterfully executed unofficial polls indicating their server desires. To honor these community efforts, the North American server Nezekan will be adjusted to an Oceanic time zone and event schedule immediately. The server will however not be labeled as an Oceanic server right away, but we plan on changing that in a patch within the first two weeks after launch. We are doing everything we can until then to let everyone know about the plans for Nezekan’s future time zone schedule to allow players to make informed decisions.

We experienced some frustrating technical difficulties with the surveys we launched early this week meant to help roleplayers and language-specific communities choose their unofficial game servers. Many Aion communities saw a need to coordinate their members and were much quicker than we were to organize surveys. We have decided to honor their hard work by permanently taking our own survey down, since we have no desire to interfere with what our great communities accomplish or cause confusion. We will continue to work with the fansites in our Fansite Program to promote their community survey results.”

Source:  Aion Online


5 Responses

  1. Honestly, it’s becoming necessary to wait a good month or so before complaining about this company. They’re obviously thinking and working back there.

  2. best news EVER… my faith in NCsoft has been regained.

  3. That’s great news for them. But I just checked the server’s forum at AionSource, and there has been a back lash. Lot’s of NA players are leaving. I just hope the Aussie community is big enough to sustain an entire server. (24 hours crafting and gathering could had done wonder for the server economy. =P)

  4. well be fine, 1 server for all of oceana!, and remember this game doesnt fail like WAR did so people will stick around. Also It will be home for NA nightshift workers etc too.

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