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You may have noticed a new button over yonder on the right-hand side.  Yes, it is for donations.  No, they are not expected from you.  I make no money from this website nor do I expect to do so.  However, I do have large plans for the site.  A friend of mine picked up the Aionic Thoughts domain recently and I am looking to move over to it and make some big additions to the site.  Forums, chat and the like are something I am wanting to do in the near future and any and all donations will be put right back into the site.

However, I am not a rich man and any donations would be helpful.   I do not want to make this a money making site but it would be nice to make it one that I can grow without breaking the bank.  This does not mean that I expect donations or that if I get none I am going away.  I am here and a part of Aion for the long haul.  Don’t worry if you can not or do not want to donate, believe me I understand and it is not expected.  If you want to help out I thank you but if not I will still be here!

Thanks a lot to all my readers, whether you donate or not.  I have a lot of plans for Aionic Thoughts and just a few small donations here and there will help me realize them.

Thanks again, folks!


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  1. While I can’t afford to donate, I can afford advice and/or tips on site design, plugins, etc with wordpress. I myself run a gaming site ( and have a bit of fun tinkering with the layout of the site.

    If you have big ideas for your site but don’t quite know how to do it or if you see something on my site and want to know how to recreate it, I’d be happy to send you free info on it. This is not a mailing list or anything, just one blogger offering help to another. Good luck with the site move!

  2. I have spent the last week tweaking my site. I found some really good layouts, and widgets which I incorporated into my site. I actually think my blog looks pretty good these days.

    I tried some different things with Amazon, Google Adsense, Cafepress links, and it just seemed to take away from the site, and the response wasn’t there. I received alot of money from impressions, but I just didn’t like it.

    I than thought of putting a donation button on my site for just $1.95, and donated half to charity, but after a few days I decided people want something in return if they are donating.

    So I looked on the internet and found this widget from Scratch my back. It is a win-win for both the site, and the donater. If you tip me, than the widget automatically puts your link in the Topspot widget. Basically my site is getting 1k hits a day, but I don’t know how long that will keep up, but basically that link would be getting 1k impressions a day, and stays on the list until the 11th person donates, and autobumps you off. I am currently charging a $25 tip. I think it will eventually take off for people wanting extra traffic to their Aion, or other site.

    Check it out on my blog at

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