Implements Of War

Well, the time is rapidly approaching for the release of Aion.  I thought I would give you folks a look at what I will be using to play the game.  Now, I am not talking about my PC (although I might post my specs later) but the keyboard and mouse that I use.  Both are awesome and I have yet to find anything better than the combination.

The Merc Keyboard

The Merc Keyboard

This is the keyboard I use, its by Zboard and is, by far, the best gaming keyboard I have ever used.  Though it looks large it’s only about 1/2 inch bigger than most keyboards.  They have moved around the layout to reduce the standard keyboard size, which enabled them to add the gaming pad on the left without making the keyboard much larger.

Close up of the Merc gamepad

Close up of the Merc gamepad

As you can see on the close up shot, the Merc has a lot of buttons that are well-spaced and within easy reach.  The keyboard is comfortable and there is an easy to use Macro and keybinding software included.  With the amount of buttons needed for modern MMOs the Merc is awesome.

G5 Mouse

G5 Mouse

The mouse I use is probably much more familiar to the average player, it’s the Logitech G5 Gaming mouse.  I have tried the Razer mice but they are all too low sitting for me and do not feel comfortable.  The G5, on the other hand, is a higher mouse and not so low slung, which is perfect for me.  The G5 also has quite a few programmable buttons that I use for various things.

Both of these together mean I never have to click anything on my screen.  Nearly everything is hot-keyed which makes quick moving PvP and fast paced PvE much easier.

So, what kind of gear are you folks taking to war?


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  1. While I use the same mouse, my Logitech G15 keyboard is out of commission thanks to game guard. 😦 So I’ll probably hook up my Nostromo n52. I’ll be playing a chanter and I want to make sure that I can easily switch between mantras and back up heal when necessary. However your keyboard is calling me and I might have to make a trip to Best Buy.

    • It is an awesome keyboard, just awesome. It “feels” better than the N52, which I also have, and doesn’t require an additional peripheral on your desk. The software is easier to program as well, in my opinion.

  2. Oh you are very good at the tempting thing. lol.

  3. Very interesting! I also have a G5 and it is well loved. Like Jazz, my G11 and G13 Logitech keyboards have been crippled by GameGuard.

    So your Merc functions ok in Aion, no problems?

    A question: Do you know why the left hand keyset is rotated a bit to the clockwise? It would seem your left hand would be at an odd angle.

    Any hints at how you bind your commands to this keyboard and mouse?

    • It functions 100% with Game Guard on my system. The software for the Merc allows keybinding of any key and allows macroing of multiple key presses with one key, though I do not use that function in Aion currently. My Logitech G5 software is having no problems with Game Guard either and right now I have the top sensitivty button mapped to the flight ascend key in Aion and the button one to descend. I am saving the two side buttons for some other function. Pushing down on my scroll wheel activates auto-run and pushing to the left or the right of the scroll wheel will be reserved for some other abilities that I, as of yet, not had a need for.

      The left hand keyset on the Merc is very comfortable for me and the slight rotation actually feels nice. It’s very easy placement and it is easy to switch from gameplay to actual typing. I have noticed no discomfort with it and the large W-S-A-D keys actually are much more comfortable than the normal size keys the G11 and G13 provide. Plus, they are at a slight incline making my hand rest more comfortably on them. I tried the G11 and G13 all of a couple of weeks before I returned them and continued with my Merc. It just feels more natural. The LCD screen on the G11 is nice but, to me, is just more of a gimmick than anything else because all the information I really need is displayed on my monitor anyway.

      Try the Merc, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Damn, I sound like a pitchman for Zboard! Believe me I don’t work for them!!! 🙂

  4. The Steelseries Fang is interesting to me as I like my keyboard and would prefer to just have an extra pad to use for games and the layout is very close to what you have there with the zboard merc. Unfortunately it seems to be discontinued and hard to find.

  5. Okay one last question before I run out to Best Buy today. I hear that the G15 works fine on a 64bit Vista but not on the 32 which is what I’m using. I am wondering if you are using 32 or 64 because I’d hate to buy it and the keyboard still not work.

    • I am using 64bit….no idea on how it works on 32. If you buy it at Best Buy, just keep your receipt. You can return it within 30 days.

  6. […] Chris on September 15th, 2009 … that uses my numberpad when I play MMOs? I was checking out this post at Aionic Thoughts and it reminded me of just how dominant left hand control of skills seems to be. Maybe it’s a […]

  7. I have the merc stealth keyboard( the newer verison to the merc) and I can not play with out it now. Love it to death. I have the razer death adder atm but I may switch over to the g5 after your review. I want more then a 5 button mouse but the 7 button razer is around 120 dollars.

  8. Hows the keys on that merc? I’m using a backlit keyboard now and the keys are just clear with paint over them. So basically any major use of the keys wears them down the plastic. So the heavy used keys are blank, which isn’t a problem but its just a bit annoying to see.

  9. I’ve too have been a long time arrow key + numpad user since the original wolfenstein, doom, and quake. Never gave it up even for MMO’s. Mentally I like how everything is in “groups”. I tryed WASD and it hurt stretching my fingers pressing 1-6 buttons + modifiers (which I use a lot of)

    My mouse and keyboard:



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