The Poll Is Almost Dead Even!

You aren’t making this any easier, folks!  The poll over what class I should choose is almost dead even!  This is a catastrophe, you guys were supposed to decide for me.  How about a few more votes?

Poll here:


3 Responses

  1. Okay, two points!

    First, my blogsite has swapped: WordPress > Blogspot imho, so I’m gonna try this next blog with them. If you could update that, many thanks!

    Second, vote from me is for a Cleric. Ranged and Melee combat play out rather differently, and the instincts of each are almost polar opposites: ranged run away from mobs, melee chase after them. I make a fairly poor caster ’cause my running instincts suck.

    So, if you want to stay in the same mindset of ranged combat, drop chanters from the list: they need to be in melee a lot. Then it’s a matter of difference, and I get the feeling you’re looking for a new job. So, with healing as a good ranged option, enter the Cleric.

    If you want to keep your old job, roll Ranger. If you wanna spin everything on its head, then roll Chanter. My vote’s for the middle-ground: some change, some the same, and that implies Cleric. (Alternatively, a Gladiator could provide a similar DPS role while changing up the Ranged/Melee dichotomy, if you want a different approach).

    Hope that helps!

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