New Poll!

This one is easy:  What class should be my main?

I am having all sorts of trouble deciding.  Normally, I am a Ranger type.  I was a hunter in DAoC and in WoW but I am kinda getting tired of DPS.  I would like to be needed for once and it seems DPS are always over-populated.  That being said, I am good at ranged DPS and I know that that will continue in Aion.  Ranged DPS is like second nature to me.

So, right now I am stuck between a Chanter, Cleric or Ranger.  This is where you come in!  Help me decide!  Poll below!  Please vote!!!


5 Responses

  1. I tagged Ranger for you for the following simple reason:

    There is a deep subconscious reason you pick to play the ranged bow class. You ENJOY it. I always roll plate dps. If no plate dps is around ill be a tank.
    I try to play any other class and I always end up rolling a plate dps alt which then becomes my main.

    Play what you enjoy 😉

  2. My legion has so many Clerics and Chanters that I’m switching to a Spiritmaster.

  3. Borgio has a good point. Personally, however, the biggest factor in how much I enjoy an MMO has always been about good times and good people — no matter which class I happen to be rolling. Anyway, we are not one-trick ponies.

    I voted Cleric for their “needed-ness” & ranged dps (versus Chanters’ melee dps).

    You say you’ve played DPS for most/all of your MMO career, and that now you’re aching for a different flavor. For me, it’s the opposite — my guild has always relied on me for my support/heals, but now my guild is nonexistent and I want a fresh start with a fresh perspective. I want to see how the other half lives.

    With that said, if there’s any MMO to take our *same old same old* and turn it upside over its head, it’s Aion.

    This ex-Monk/Priest is going Assassin. 😉

    See ya and good luck with your decision,


    PS. Keep up the great work with this blog — I’m an avid reader! =)

  4. A cleric is the WP of Aion. After playing a Sorc to 15, and than a Cleric there is no way I am rolling a Sorc first.

  5. […] not.  I am not an indecisive person, I promise.  The truth is, something Borgio said in my class poll started to make sense to me.  I have played a physical ranged class in my two favorite MMOs.  In […]

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