Attention All Aion/MMO Blogs!

blogroll21As the time draws near to the release date of Aion, I want to make sure that I have all the Aion blogs out there in my blogroll.  I know I am missing a few and I want to get you folks added!

So, if you are an Aion blog, are not in my blogroll and would like to be, please leave a comment in this post!  If you are a general MMO blog and would like to be added, please leave a comment here.

Thanks folks!


16 Responses

  1. While not an Aion specific blog/podcast, we will be talking about it and writing about it as most of us are going to be playing.

  2. Please include on your roll!

  3. Sin Healing – About Aion and my Adventures~

  4. We’re an Aion Podcast, that blogs as well as posts weekly notes. I think I emailed you a while back about having added you 🙂

  5. Game by Night: I’m in the same camp as Slurms. We’re not specific to Aion but we’ll definitely be writing on it!

  6. We’re aiming to have many guides as well as talking about our adventures in Aion. ^_^

  7. I’ve got a general gaming blog, though Aion will be a main focus as that’s the game I’m currently playing.

  8. General MMO blog but will be mostly about Aion in the upcomming months:

    (its not german :p)

  9. All added up to this point! Keep ’em coming!


    It’s a general gaming blog focused mainly on mmo’s of course. I’ll probably be focusing on Aion for the next few months but then again who isn’t. 😛 It’s pretty bare at the moment as I’m just starting out.

  11. I’ve finally stopped being lazy about starting this darned thing – Seeing this community spring up is a strong impetus!

    Much work to be done, and I may have to learn CG editing before I’m happy with my title design, but I’m happy so far. Here’s to pioneer blogging for Aion!

  12. I’ve got you on our blogroll. ^^

  13. We have you on our blogroll, would be great if you could link us 😀


    Stunning Shot: Not A Hunter Blog!

    An Aion Ranger’s Blog

  15. Quirky Quiescence moved (woot go go self hosted), new address:

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