List of Aion Launch Day Servers

This just in from Aion Online:

Many of you have been curious to learn what the names of the Aion servers will be at launch. We’ve listed the server names below along with their associated time zones. 2084311380_0906fd827d_oThe servers are aligned to those time zones (e.g. affecting fortresses) so that players on the East Coast as well as those on the West Coast can have blocks of game time to play during each server’s prime time. Daylight saving will apply at launch.

Before the start of preselection (which begins September 18, 2009), we will also give our fans from the Oceanic region the chance to take part in an online community poll where you can indicate what server you’d pick unofficially if you want to play with your friends and neighbors. We hope to show instant results in the poll so that you can see which server provides you the best chance to meet them.

We are going to post a similar community poll for roleplayers. We have decided not to officially tag servers as roleplaying servers and enforce specific rules on them. However, we do believe that roleplayers are an essential part of our community, and we support their initiative to claim their own unofficial roleplaying server. Aion gives you the ability to create your own chat channel, and we are already seeing a lot of roleplaying groups out there who are defining their own rules and building up their own communities. Take your time to organize your group before the poll goes live, and then pick the server that would give you the best chance to find players with the same roleplaying interests.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Atreia on one of these servers at launch!

So, no official RP server nor Oceanic server but they are going to be putting up a poll to assist RP’ers and Oceanic players in picking an “unofficial” server.  Though I wish they would have an official RP server I suppose I am pretty good with this option.  Last I heard, it sounded like Nezekan would be the unofficial RP server, though that is not set in stone.

Ten servers should be plenty for a start, I am really glad they are not putting up too many as WAR did on launch.  Spreading out the population like Mythic did can lead to problems down the road, as Mythic found to their sorrow.

I am anxious to get this thing going, beta is fine but there is nothing like actually leveling a character you can KEEP!

And here are the servers:

[West] Siel GMT-8/ PST
[West] Israphel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Nezekan GMT-8 / PST
[West] Zikel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Vaizel GMT-8 / PST
[West] Triniel GMT-8 / PST
[East] Kaisinel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Lumiel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Yustiel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Marchutan GMT-5 / EST
[East] Ariel GMT-5 / EST
[East] Azphel GMT-5 / EST

8 Responses

  1. I heard that Nezekan was the unofficial RP server for Open Beta. Now that we know it’s a PST server, will there be an unofficial EST server in conjunction with the PST server? Example being Ariel or Siel recognized as the Eastern RP server. (Those are the sweetest server names IMO!) =P

  2. […] will be segregated by time zone, although not by RP/Non-RP servers. Naamah of Aionic Thoughts has the complete scoop on the server names and preferred time zones, as well as NCsoft’s reasoning behind not naming roleplay-preferred […]

  3. I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t any central time zone servers. 1/3 of this country is 1 hour behind east, and 2 hours ahead of west. 😦 That’s pretty lame.

  4. The servers are still located on the east coast. Only the server time is alligned as indicated in the list.


  5. Nezekan is now the unofficial Oceanic server 🙂

  6. I think you have made a crucial mistake on what servers are west and east .. This is from the aion main website —>

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