Second Night of Open Beta Observations.

Tonight I logged back into the Open Beta after work to find just as many people playing as I saw last night…maybe more.  My future chanter was around level 4 but I had a friend who had just started and had rolled on another server, so I jumped over to help him out.

He was playing a Warrior so I made a Priest and away we went.  This is the first time I have really had a dedicated friend to level with at low level and everything went smoothly.  Aion really gives you all the tools you need to run as a party efficiently.  Shared quests, location links, all the normal tools are there and they work great.  We were flying through the quests for most of the night and nearly hit Ascension before we called it for the night because of work tomorrow.

The Gameguard errors were all fixed for me today so I must give kudos for that to NCSoft.  Hopefully everyone else had their GG issues disappear.  Lag, however, hit me with a vengeance a number of times tonight.  It would come in waves and then disappear for long chunks of time.  Very strange and still seems that it has no rhyme or reason for when it comes and goes.  I have heard that its a routing issue with NCSoft and they are working with their ISP for a fix.

Other than those issues the evening went smooth and was a lot of fun.  My friend enjoyed his first foray into Atreia but is waiting until he gets his wings to make his final decision about the game.  I think he is hooked however so I expect to see him running with us in retail.

That’s it for tonight, more observations tomorrow as I hit Ascension and further!


4 Responses

  1. Sounds good. During the closed beta, I had freezing/BSOD issues on my gaming laptop, so I think I’m going to reinstall it and give it another go after reading this.

    Out of curiosity, what server are you playing on? It seems like the high pop servers are getting the high pings pretty bad. Nezekan has been up and down for me.

  2. On Triniel I got bad lag for most of the day, but yesterday evening everything was good and I never has more than 300ms. It was a fun night, even ascended 😛

  3. You know, I don’t get it. There’s 10 different servers and everyone logs on to only two of’em??

    Anyway, Sunday night lag was bad for me, but it was all fixed the next morning. I heard others were not so lucky. Friend of mine was having lag issues all Monday morning.

    Here’s hoping lag issues are fixed for release 🙂

  4. Yes, I had fun playing with you last night. The guided tour was nice lol.

    “You know what this game needs, this game needs more dragons.”

    Monday morning lag was so bad it was unplayable for me. Couldn’t hardly even log in.

    Now I havent’ played many mmos so My opinion may be along the lines of the ‘masses’ But I have palyed wow and betaed war so I can usually pick up things quickly. first off, graphics were outstanding. I was plaing on an older dual core athlon with a 8500 card and 2 gb ram. not exactly a gaming system. It runs slower than my laptop (on which i intend to play tonight) on that macine in WOW in 25 mans with spell effects up and thats about it I get as low as 5 fps in boss fights. (i built a better machine win 7 beta) so that I could tank ulduar. in Aion with default settings on duel 1920×1200 monitors I was getting 20+fps at the lowest in the starting zones with 30-40 people. I feel confident that most people will have no ploblems running this game at playable rates. Even with the default settings this has to be the best looking mmo I’ve seen. I did not see any texture streatching or broken normals at least in the starting areas. Now the real test will be end game content.
    Now I have quit playing wow and war for about 4 months with no intention or returning to mmo. 4-6 hrs 5 nights a week is something i can no longer do. It will take a lot to hook me back into a game, however playing last night, Aion might have a chance. Tonighht I will accend and test out the flight/pvp mechanics. I will save my decision till then. If the PVE is there i will be back in. PVP will not be the deciding factor for me. If i just want pvp I’ll play war. PVE end game and progression is what I play for and it’s really hard to know what that is like for several months. that said the game looks promising enough to be worth my time to hit lvl cap and find out. Honestly I hope it doesn’t get vagified like wow did. I want hard a$$ chanlges. I want to spend 3 months getting specific gear for 1 boss fight, I enjoy these things. Will Aion still offer these things while maintaining entertainment for the casual player I’ll likely be?

    Anyway, my only complaints about the game so far are with the interface, which can be changed and possibley future class specific addons. Wel to assend then test out flight and pvp mechanics and I’ll be back for another review.

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