Aion Open Beta: “We Are a GO For Launch…..Sorta'”

Well, for those of you living on the moon, Aion Open Beta started today.  I got in late due to work (FTL!) but was able to log in some time this evening.  Problem was the lag was horrible for quite a few people, though I was not affected.  What I was affected by was the horrible Game Guard issues.

Bad GameGuard!  BAD!!!

Bad GameGuard! BAD!!!

This is the first time they have reared their ugly head for me personally but it was frustrating.  I was constantly getting Game Guard messages warning me that I had modified the game files or the Game Guard files, though I have done no such thing.  Then GG would error and sometimes would close the game.  Apparently many others were getting identical problems and they are working on it.  I hope so because it was extremely frustrating.  I think it was worse because the error made it sound like it was my fault and that I was cheating!  Not a good way to start out Open Beta.

The lag was an entirely different issue and seems to be hitting people randomly.  From what I could tell there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to who gets hit with lag and when.  People would be fine for two hours and then get horrible lag for no apparent reason.  At the same time people in the same zone would not be affected at all.  I was okay for the entire night but many people I talked to reported differently.

Next issue I am having is with the “new” control scheme.  They added the ability for the left mouse button to control the camera, something which I was very happy to hear, but now you can only run in a straight line while holding down the left and right mouse buttons to run.  What?!?!  Look I will make it easy for NCSoft with this….Ready??

Look at the WoW control scheme and Copy/Paste.

Simple, right?  Don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, just give us a control scheme like WoW.  Holding down the left and right mouse buttons at the same time should make us run but we should be able to turn as well.

Other than those issues the beta is going well for me.  I made a Chanter and a Warrior and started with the Chanter.  The new

Hold on!  It's gonna be a rough ride!

Hold on! It's gonna be a rough ride!

character customization options are awesome and the game is more “Western” than ever.  I am really interested in seeing how they massaged the leveling curve, especially after level 20 or so when quests seem to start to dry up a bit.

All in all, the Open Beta has launched but is a bit rocky at the moment.   Not as bad as some Open Beta launches I have seen but it certainly can be improved.  The rocket has launched but is having problems getting into orbit!  I am sure that NCSoft will get the issues sorted out as the Game Guard problem and the lag will be a deal-breaker for a lot of potential players.


5 Responses

  1. Yeah I agree with the left+right should turn issue, that bugged me as well, yuo can kinda work around it by tapping W to turn your character while holding the mouse buttons down ^^

    Game Guard error’d for me a couple of times but just re-launching fixed it each time, hopefully it was due to the fact the game guard server was taking a hammering – speaking of which.

    For such a hyped launch it went smoothly for me, servers were up 20mins past when they said they would due to an account issue but considering there were so many people all logging in at the same time I was amazed i could log in at all.

    Hell I started in channel 10 of 10 when i logged in and even that was packed! And this was on a server that i deliberatly picked that had a naff name so that it would be quieter!

    Anyhow looking forward to playing when i get home tonight!

  2. “Holding down the left and right mouse buttons at the same time should make us run but we should be able to turn as well.”
    You can enable that by disabling the “Click left mouse button to turn camera” or w/e it’s called…
    Bugged me too 😉

  3. I had some lag issues yesterday, mostly late into the night though… rubberbanding and stuttering and some crashes. Doing a repair/consistency check helped at one point.

    The Game Guard stuff is more of a pain in the arse for us in the long run… we don’t particularly like having to remove our firewall to play.

    But other than that, I enjoyed it very much yesterday. 🙂

  4. […] are far from uncommon. Even playing across the ocean was better than it was this morning though. Many players are also experiencing issues with GameGuard. I was, thankfully, free of these issues but, to be frank, GameGuard sucks and is a horrible […]

  5. Yeah I had game guard crash a few times and eat up a cpu core. I havent had a chance to test it with win 7 but the last game guard thing i had on 7 wiged out hardcore, I wonder if they have made the necessary updates to the game guard system to have it ready by october launch. I try it out tonight or tomorrow and see.

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