Predictions in a Time Capsule!

One the eve of Open Beta and inspired by this post on the Warhammer Alliance forums, I have decided to throw up a post detailing my predictions for Aion and what we will be seeing in the first year.   I encourage anyonepredictions who wants to join in the fun to comment with their own predictions for Aion.  Let’s try to make the predictions as specific as possible, don’t just say that you predict an expansion announcement but also predict what will be in that expansion.  Try to give at least 2-3 predictions.  In one year’s time I will dredge this up from the blog’s depths and see how we did!  Ready?  Here’s mine:

  • Between 550,000 and 700,000 subscribers in North America and Europe and an additional 4-5 million in Asia, making Aion the second largest pay-to-play MMO in the world.
  • At least one full raid instance in the WoW-mold, with multiple bosses with complex strategies.  We Westerners like our raids and this is one thing that, I believe, NCSoft will oblige.
  • Two more PvPvE  “battleground” instances.  We Westerners also like our Battlegrounds!
  • Introduction of limited UI modding.
  • Clerics and assassins will get nerfed and Spiritmasters will get buffed.
  • Building hype for the first paid Aion expansion.  Features touted will be housing, level cap increase to 55, expanded Abyss, non-traditional siege mounts, 2 new races to join the battle and a number of new PvE areas and instances.

So, that’s my predictions!  Let’s see yours!  Comment away!


10 Responses

  1. […] anniversary of the post and see how close we all are. So, take a look at the post located right HERE and see my predictions. Feel free to comment on the blog with your predictions and let's see who is […]

  2. Agree on more battlegrounds but strongly not with ‘2 new races’. I do not think adapting any new races will fit in Aion storyline. And it might bring down the whole balance system between EvBvA.

  3. Between 2-3 million (I do believe that some will leave after the hype wears off, it happens to all games, and hence the population won’t go “too crazy”).

    KILL COLLECTORS (Hint hint <3)

    The Spiritmaster will receive the ability to have their pets fly alongside them.

    Finally, I agree with you that UI Mods will be introduced.

  4. * Between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 subscribers in North America and Europe
    * Maybe Once A Month World Bosses Invade Abyss that take 100+ people 2 kill
    * World Evently Monthly
    * assassins get Nerf Bat (i agree)
    * Legion Housing YOU Can Buy Your Own House (Maybe Legion leader can design it So it can be legion Hangout (and we get a Port item that cost 10mil per player for it and your house can only be gotten 2 by using the protal
    , level cap increase to 55, expanded Abyss, non-traditional siege mounts

    i edited some idea;s and left what i agree with

  5. Aion won’t even get AoC numbers. No open beta (real open beta that is) killed it. I know many people who have already said “to hell with this game”, because of it.

    WoW did it and proved how effective it an be. Aion decided to shoot itself in the foot instead of following the solid business model of WoW and every other game that has a demo before release. These demos and open betas make or break a game. Word of mouth is key, and right now Aion’s word of mouth just went down the toilet.

  6. * Between 1.000.000 and 3.000.000 subscribers in EU/US
    * Housing
    * More instances
    * Even more customisations

  7. I strongly disagree with the 2 new races.

  8. I dont think we will get 2 new races. No races really in Aion, 2 new classes. Yes. I believe that.

  9. between 3.5m and 7mil subs for NA/EU
    monthly world events
    player housing
    sorc nerf and glady derf
    100.00 leave due to no highend PvE raid Content and griefing.
    Sm will have to catch ther own pets 😛
    1.6 patch adding no content
    legion Halls
    market place items for microtransactions
    gold sellers

  10. NO! Assassins’ will get buffed. Shadow Walk will be an ability and not a stigma….

    -coughs- Now I will go win the lottery now.

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