I Have ONE Open Beta Key To Give Away!

I have one Open Beta key to give away for tomorrow’s Open Beta.  Rather than give it to the first person who posts I am going to have a bit of a contest.  Really simple rules:  Just look over Aionic Thoughts and pick out your favorite or least favorite post and tell me why I am right or wrong in it.  The best one gets the key!  Make me laugh with your post and you get bonus points!  I will send it out tomorrow after I get back from work!

Put your entry in the comments!

Good luck!


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  1. […] best one gets the key! I will send it out tomorrow after I get back from work! Post all entries HERE!!!!! __________________ My Aion blog: […]

    • https://aionicthoughts.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/u-i-mods-we-dont-need-no-stinkin-u-i-mods/

      Firstly, I would just like to say that I am a 25 year old female gamer and that should give me some bonus =P

      I started my mmo career in DAoC where there were no mods. I also played WoW where there were mods galore! So I have had ample opportunity to see the pros and cons as I’m sure most serious gamers have. In WoW I was the rogue class lead for our guild and I will admit (traitorous, I know) that dps meters were handy for knowing who was slacking on a raid. They made it really easy to tell who was auto-attacking and who was really contributing. On the downside, I also noticed the elitism (that you made mention in your post) that arose from the dps meters. It seemed that people were being rewarded for pulling aggro and wiping the raid. I think that mods seriously detract from the attention that people pay to the game as well. It is easier to afk when you get sounds to alert you to what’s going on. I personally believe that game play should be based on skill and not silly statistics.

      I think that mods have a place, but I agree that I only want the ui mods. I enjoy being able to make my play screen my own. It’s just not exciting to mash one button all the time =P I would rather aion have no mods than to have all mods.

  2. First of all, I love you lots if you give key. 😀

    Secondly, I agree with a lot of your statements in the

    I hope that we get player housing, would be awesome. I really enjoyed it in Vanguard and Everquest 2. Floating houses lol. XD

    Mounts would be kewl. >:)

    I hope that they only make the abyss an addition instead of replacing it entirely.

    Thanks for reading my comment thing. Hope to see you in game. 😉

  3. https://aionicthoughts.wordpress.com/2009/09/05/predictions-in-a-time-capsule/

    While I certainly don’t think EVERYTHING will happen that you put down there, it’s really surprisingly accurate for the typical course of an MMO! If anything, I honestly hope for the better with Aion and how things are going to go on. I was really considering just commenting on that entry itself, but I guess this contest makes it a bit easier to state my opinions, hahahahaha.

    For some reason, I don’t think Aion is going to go the route of expansions at all, though. I can’t think of many Korean MMORPGs that have had one, although I haven’t played many other than free ones or Ragnarok Online II, which never existed in the first place.

    I also think that if they raise the level cap they’ll do it by a full 10 levels instead of just 5. I know 10 levels=WoW and Aion’s levels are much more difficult, so it would make sense to be 5, but I don’t think the potential of an update like that would be filled with only 5 more levels of content.

    I would love the new races, but I can’t see it happening, unfortunately!

    I guess those are really the only points I feel like I need to make comments on; everything else seems dead-on.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a key, and I hope you choose this comment as the winner!

  4. My favorite posting here was the interview you did with the guy who was getting around 170,000 abyss points a day and posted a stream of his grind up for the bow. Hearing about his tactics and the level of guerrilla warfare he had to employ and awareness he had to have was great.

    It was so awesome that it made made me cum…………….. in someone else’s pants.

    The interview really drove home how the abyss point system would work and how it would be so much cooler than, say, vanilla WoW’s honor grind (still better than the garbage they have today). Basically, I love the idea that you lose a lot of points for dying to players and how it means shitty players playing 18 hours a day can’t necessarily just get all the best stuff without have at least some skill. Solidified my choice of going with Ranger too.

  5. First of all i must say that your website looks pretty nice, lots of info and media about Aion….
    I took a fast look on it and picture in Predictions in a Time Capsule took my breath:D after few seconds i realized that it is oracle:D Then i started to read… your Predictions are good and for my eyes optimistic(number of players) and these updates you said (new locations,areas) are everytime good idea…new update….YEAH but new 2 races? why they both looking like humans…and they look great( i played some MMO before and 2 races/ or 1v1 is best one…for me)
    OK so here it is:
    -new races
    Enjoy reading

  6. Well… the funniest article was definitly the one about the figurine… I laughed so hard about that fiction dialogue…

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