I Am Back Writing!

So, after being away for a bit, I am now back and writing!  Some big, big news while I was away.  Open Beta has now been confirmed as being:

Open Beta: September 6 (Sunday) – 13 (Sunday)

Server and Character pre-selection: September 18 (Friday)

Head Start: September 20  (Sunday)

Launch: September 22 (Tuesday)

In addition, links for the 1.5 client have been released and can be found below:

Full Client
CBT-OBT Torrent

Looks like the time we have all been waiting for is getting close!  I am excited to see all that 1.5 has to offer!  I am going to close this post with an awesome video from Exfylina.  This one is filmed in one of the 1.5 dungeons and features a really cool mounted boss at the end!  Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. Found your blog through Syp’s Bio Break. Been loving Aion in the beta and already preordered, and I think you’re doing good work here blogging about. Definitely added to my reader. Keep it up!

  2. […] does that instance another 17,856 times, she might just get level 48. Thanks to Aionic Thoughts for posting this. Check out the full video here. Share and […]

  3. That pingback makes the post sound more negative than it is 🙂 I’m still really looking forward to the game and enjoy your blog. I came across your site when you referenced your starting it on the K&G forums. Most blogs shut down shortly after they’re started, so I’m happy to see you’ve got such a good thing going here. Keep up the good work man!

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