Open Beta Dates!

From Keen and Graev’s forum.

Lots of threads popping up on forums with important dates.  The source of this info comes from pre-order info being sent to people and other websites.

Open Beta: September 4 (Friday)

Server and Character pre-selection: September 15 (Tuesday)

Head Start: September 20  (Sunday)

Launch: September 22 (Tuesday) (duh)

Full post located here!!


5 Responses

  1. What “pre-order info being sent to people” is this exactly? No source, no nothing. The dates sound good, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was right, but I don’t see anything official.

  2. Browse the well known Aion boards and you’ll see dozens of people saying that they received notifications with the dates. They come from various pre-order locales.

    No official word or yet, but I don’t expect one until an official announcement.

    Sept. 4 means that the OB can run ~7 days with a few days downtime for them to prepare for pre-selection, followed by a few days downtime before the headstart.

  3. I’ll take rumors and scuttle-butt for 500 Alex.

    I’m waiting for a press release.

  4. […] Comment! Check Aionic thoughts for the news. […]

  5. Official dates out:

    Open beta: Sept 6-13, level cap at 30
    Pre-selection of names/servers: Sept 18
    Stop Having Social Life: Sept 20

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