List of Extendable Weapons

After yesterday’s video post of extendable weapons, I found a nice list of them on Keen’s forums.  Below you can find the entire list reproduced.

Extendable Daggers

Extendable Daggers

Daggers, Level 35:

Dagger of Chaos

Kromede’s Silver Decorated Knife

White Flame Dagger

Daggers, Level 44:

Alukina’s Silver Decorated Knife

Daggers, Level 50:

Black Heart’s Dagger

Item 100200677 (No Official Name, Until English Translation)

Item 100200678 (No official name until English translation)

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Swords, Level 35:

Sword of Chaos

Swords, Level 40:

Kasaka’s Claw

Swords, Level 44:

Alukina’s Sword

Swords, Level 50:

Item 100000727 (No official name until English translation)

Item 100000728 (No official name until English translation)



Maces, Level 30:

Warhammer of Archangel

Maces, Level 35:

White Flame Warhammer

Kromede’s Warhammer

Warhammer of Chaos

Warhammer of Judgment

SATAN’S Warhammer (sorry, had to put it in all caps ’cause I thought it was funny!)

Maces, Level 40:

Warhammer of the Grim Reaper

Maces, Level 44:

Alukina’s Scepter

Maces, Level 45:

Warhammer of Demolition

Warhammer of Grace

Maces, Level 47:

Jeshuchi’s Warhammer

Maces, level 50:

Warhammer of the Ruined Ancient God

Item 100100572

Item 100100573



Staffs, level 50:

Item 101500570

Item 101500571

Spears, level 35:

Spear of Chaos

Kromede’s Spear

White Flame Spear

Spear, level 48:

Zapiel’s Spear

Spears, level 50:

Item 101300542

Item 101300543

Great Swords

Great Swords

Greatswords, Level 50:

Item 100900570 (Elyos)

Item 100900571 (Asmodian)

Source: Keen and Graev’s Forums


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