Video Sunday: Extendable Weapon Edition!

Alright, something a bit different this Sunday.  Going to showcase some videos that show off the extendable weapons in Aion.  What are extendable weapons you ask?  Watch these videos and find out!!

First up, Assassin level 35 extendable dagger:

Next, level 45 Assassin!

Level 35 Gladiator Poleaxe:

Level 35 One-Handed Sword:

Level 35 Extendable Mace:

Level 35 Extendable Mace:

Level 45 Extendable Staff:

No, screens tonight as I have not had time to compile any.  Off work tomorrow so I will catch up then!


7 Responses

  1. I wants that staff precious….

  2. Are all weapons above L35 extendable? Or is this a certain set or just a different weapon type?

  3. Well…that’s different. 😛

  4. I’ve been doing some reading up on these weapons. They tend to do less damage than regular weapons, which makes up for their range advantage. Seems to level the playing field in the Abyss for melee classes giving chase.

    • Yeah, less damage makes sense, good trade-off for the extended range. Since you can switch weapons while in combat, you can use your extendable while getting into range and then switch to a normal one once you get in close.

  5. […] Aion vs. WoW – Keen and Graev – Comparing Aion vs. WAR – Keen and Graev – Extendable Weapons – Aionic Thoughts (this is just cool, does WoW have these too?) Share and […]

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