New Information from Ayase Calms My Worries!

In my previous post I talked about my unease with Liv‘s interview and with microtransactions.  Luckily, a reader pointed out a post by Ayase on the Aion Source forums that clears up my misunderstanding of Liv’s interview:

Aion is and will remain a subscription-based game. The “micro-transactions” I know have been discussed so far only involve lesser additional services, rendering “micro-transaction” a fairly erroneous word to describe it. Overall I think we’re looking at a quite conventional subscription system, but as the reply in the interview states we aren’t at a stage in planning yet where we can tell you exactly what we’ll have. Rest assured that it wouldn’t make sense to anyone to have a game which requires both micro-transactions and a subscription fee to be played decently.”

This is good to hear and although it does not completely rule out micro-transactions it does lessen my worry quite a bit.  Thanks Ayase!

Source: Aion Source Forums

***EDIT***  Also, thanks to Rer for his post that calmed my fears!


4 Responses

    • Haha, I hadn’t even seen that post by ya, Rer. Jess_Gaming on Twitter actually pointed Ayase’s post out to me!

      • -_-…. It was the 2nd post on the thread below this one. v.v

        Oh well, at least now you’re not freakin’ out 😀

  1. They should make Liv say Ayase’s lines. Seriously.

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