This Is A RANT…..

This post is not about Aion, matter of fact, it has very little to do with Aion at all.  This rant has to do with World of Warcraft.  This rant has to do with World of Warcraft and what they have allowed World PvP to become.

As many of this blog’s readers know, I played WoW for over four years.  I was in the beta.  I “quit” after Warhammer released but after that debacle I still return from time to time.  I loved the game for the most part.  Now I see what they are doing to it and it pisses me off.

Blizzard has done everything in their power to take the WAR out of Warcraft.  Some of the things they have done were intentional, such as putting guards on the rooftops of Orgrimmar, giving little to no reward for World PvP and making World PvP generally useless.  Other things that they have done that has killed World PvP were inadvertent, such as flying mounts, summoning stones and the like.

The bottom-line is World PvP is gone, finito, asta la vista.  It’s dead.  Blizzard treats PvP’ers (other than their E-Sport Arenas, Battle Grounds and Wintergrasp) as a joke.  They laugh at us.  I truly believe that.  Look at the history.

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So many things that Blizzard has introduced to the game has contributed to the death of World PvP.  The biggest, of course, being the lack of rewards for doing it.  However, there are many more.  Flying mounts and meeting stones made less travel in the game.  Great for quick travel but horrible for those PvP’ers looking for a fight.  Neutral cities made the factions a joke.  We were supposed to be at WAR, damnit.  Why do we need neutral cities?

They allowed transfers from PvE servers to PvP servers.  What?!?!  I went through the gauntlet.  I leveled my character in the harshest environment possible in WoW.  Alliance on Mal’Ganis in “Vanilla” WoW.  I suffered (but ENJOYED) through all the Goon Squad ganking.  I fought my way through Stranglethorn Vale and Silithus.  I battled with my Guild to get into Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.  I defended against attacks from Horde while killing the World Dragons.

Then, from out of nowhere, Blizzard decided it was okay for PvE’ers to transfer to the server that I had to fight tooth and nail to level on.  I hold no enmity against PvE’ers, they should play the game as they wish, but they didn’t go through the gauntlet of PvP leveling as I did.  They had not paid their dues.  They could level in comfort and then, after hitting level cap and getting good gear, come and gank on PvP servers.

Now comes the worst of the changes.  In the latest patch they are allowing players on PvP servers to have both Horde and Alliance characters on the same server.  What?!?!  Now when I gank someone I have to prepare for him to hop on his Alliance alt and spam me for 10 minutes?  Now when things aren’t going good in Wintergrasp I can just jump to the other side?

This is so wrong.  For those who played on PvE servers or those who don’t remember the old days, when there were huge fights between Southshore and Tarren Mill, they may not see the problem with this.  But I do, this is the nail in the coffin, the straw that broke the camel’s back and every other cliche’ you can think of, they have totally destroyed World PvP.

I remember when WoW was leading up to release and all the talk was about these two sides being at WAR.  Horde hated Alliance and vice versa.  Where is that game now?

It’s gone, if it ever existed.

And I’m gone as well.

Aion here I come.


8 Responses

  1. Exactly what finished WoW for me. Throw in lack of faction pride too, it ties in. And when I complain, people bitch at me “Who’s it hurting?” and all I can do is facepalm at em. Sigh.
    World of Casualcraft mission accomplished.

    There is no more diversity. Just… instance for your gear or play in the bs that is arena. Meh. Screw it.

    • Oh, God. Don’t even get me started on Realm Pride. There is none in WoW anymore. There was never as much as DAoC, but at least it was there. Nonexistent now.

  2. Some of my favorite memories in WoW were while I was leveling up on Bonechewer during Vanilla WoW. Good times. I started losing interest in WoW when they added Battlegrounds to the game.

    Anyways, I’ll see you in Aion.

  3. Pve to PVP transfers were not a good idea now both side chars on same server is over the line

    p.s. i had an alt in goonsquad, sowwies!

  4. I must admit the most fun I had in wow was during the Burning Crusade. There wasn’t much world PvP back then either, but arenas were fun and for a while more or less balanced (s2, s3). I could even play battlegrounds back then and it was entertaining, but right now I really can’t name one thing that would bring a dedicated PvPer like myself back to play WoW.

    I can’t say if Aion has what it takes, but at least I’ll try it.

  5. I was one of the masochists that grinded all the way to GM…then they pulled the rug out on those of us who had labored for months and ditched the system making it much easier. Then they ditched BG’s all together in favor of Arenas (Arenas are NOT PvP!!!). They also killed all World PvP with all the changes you mentioned. It just took all interest from the game for me. Of course, it wasn’t as bad as what we went through on Dark Crag, Aye Sloan?

    • Dark Crag died a quick, painful death. Then again, all WAR servers are going through that, it seems every couple of months there is a new FotM server that everyone needs to be on. Now, its Iron Rock, whereas Dark Crag used to be it. Phoenix Throne, which was a solid server at all times, is now going through hell. Until they get the game fixed and Realm balance worked out, this game will be on a slow path to death. Barring a miracle patch or patches before September, Aion may be the death blow to WAR.

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