Big News from Aion Source!!

Many of us have been wondering for quite awhile whether the Special Edition items (wings, ring etc) would be account wide or just for one character on an account.  Until tonight we have not had word one way or the other.

Tonight Portaldweller posted a thread on the Aion Source forums detailing an email he recieved from an Aion GM.  In it the GM reveals some pretty big news:

The Preorder and CE items are account based. Every character you create will be able to “claim” those items. You heard it here first!”

Great news!  Would be horrible to have it limited to one character, in my opinion.  Glad to see we are getting our money’s worth with the SE!

In addition the GM had a couple of other interesting things to say:

Your feelings on GameGuard are justified and known to the North American and European teams. As it stands now GameGuard does provide a certain level of protection. If and when we find a better hack/cheat/bot prevention system we will use it. GameGuard will be improved or removed before launch.”

Now, I have not had any problems with Game Guard as of yet, but I know a lot of people have and many others won’t even try the game as long as it uses the program.  Hopefully, they will get the problems worked out or, better yet, drop GameGuard entirely for another program to stop hackers or bots.

Below is a screen shot from the e-mail Portal recieved with the original post embedded in it:

Click on the picture to go to the original post!!

Click on the picture to go to the original post!!

Pretty nice news all around!

****EDIT****  It has now been confirmed by Ayase:

Hey guys, I know you’re possibly confused about this as we haven’t made any announcements yet. I can however confirm that items will indeed be available to all characters across your account. For both the pre-order items and the Collector’s Edition items, you can receive these items for every Aion character you create on the account. We will have more information on how it actually works for you shortly.”

Posted here!!

Very, very nice!!


5 Responses

  1. All happy news. Good job NCsoft.

  2. Yay, good news indeed! Now if they can either fix or remove Gameguard so it doesn’t: turn off my game controller …and my mouse …and my keyboard, I’ll be happy. Would be great to be able to alt-tab out of the game and not have to reload it multiple times just so I can actually play the darn thing. If it isn’t fixed or removed for the open beta it is going to drive a lot of people away from playing Aion. Maybe instead of using a poorly programmed root kit (that cheaters bypass soon after each update) to stop bots, they should have server side monitoring and use real people to then check out any suspected cheating!

  3. lol I can just see people re-selling their accounts for jacked up prices in the future 🙂 thanks for the update; I’m excited!

  4. Nice! 🙂

  5. This is good news!

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