What’s Your Game?

First they used Guards, flying mounts and everything in their power to kill World PvP.  Then they made the best way to get PvP gear is to do endless rounds of PvP in a box.  Then they gave us a joke of a “World PvP” zone.  Now I ask you:  What’s YOUR game??


3 Responses

  1. Fun video. I’m biased against WoW so that was particularly satisfying to watch.

    My question is: What faction do I choose?

  2. Honestly, I have a hard time watching Aion vs WoW vids simply because I can pick them apart from both perspectives. Fandom is nice, but man, I bet the comments are the same tripe from Aionsource.

    • Oh, I agree. Remember, I loved WoW for over four years. I do not hate WoW nor Blizzard by any stretch of the imagination. They angered me when they decided to dumb down the game and kill my beloved World PvP in favor of PvP in a box, but its still a very good game.

      Pretty much, I just thought it was a funny video! 🙂

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