New Aion Developer Podcast! Classes and Customization!

The new Aion Developer Podcast is up!  This one covers classes and customization.

A few thoughts on this Podcast:

  • The Ranger armor looked absolutely fantastic.  It was some of the coolest armor I have yet seen in Aion.  Or in any MMO for that matter!
  • The Assassin ganked that Asmodean while he was fighting 2 mobs!  There might be some cries of “foul!” over that but I do so love ganking!
  • The Templar’s AoE pull is still one of the coolest looking abilities ever.  That move will be really nice in PvE but it will be amazing in PvP to get people of your healer and squishies!
  • The ability to transfer stats from one armor/weapon to another seems cooler every time I hear about it.  This may be the first MMO where no one looks alike.  The days of having the exact same Tier armor look may be over.
  • I wish they had went more in depth about the Stigma system.  Looking different than anyone else is nice but actually being different is another thing entirely.

Thats it for now!  Let me know what you think about this Podcast edition!


3 Responses

  1. Imo, this is THE Aion video. We need to have this bookmarked and ready to show anyone who wants to know about Aion.

    It gives a break down of the classes in an engaging and interesting way. While helping you get to down the devs at NCsoft.

    My favorite part:

    “Oh, I’m getting killed by a boar!”

    They really are like us! 😀

  2. “I wish they had went more in depth about the Stigma system. Looking different than anyone else is nice but actually being different is another thing entirely.”

    This is completely key, IMO. Many people are going to complain about scarcity of class differences in this game. I think it’s important to keep a few things in mind…

    As WoW (and other games) demonstrates, it is EXTREMELY difficult to balance the PvP aspect of a game when you have highly customizable classes and playstyles. It is nigh impossible as a matter of fact. Fewer paths may mean less customization for playstyle, but also should mean a more balanced game. It’s a trade-off. Perhaps by making everything else highly customizable, we’re seeing that trade-off in action. I, for one, am okay with that. Let them add more paths very slowly over time as we see how the game goes.

    Would you rather *be* different and get annoyed by all the crazy tweaks that have to occur, or be *similar* and have a more stable game as a result? Are looks a fair trade-off for playstyle? Those are questions each potential player has to ask themselves.

    I’m hoping we can eventually have our cake and eat it too, but I’d also rather see them get the basics down first before getting all jiggy with it.

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