Aionic Thoughts Would Like To Interview Your Legion!

Aionic Thoughts is about to start a new weekly feature showcasing Legions that are forming for the Aion Western release. To do this I am going to start interviewing Legion leaders and creating a weekly post that highlights a different Legion every week.

Aionic Thoughts currently averages between 500 and 1000 unique hits a day and would be a great way for Legions to show Aion fans what they have to offer. The weekly feature will go in depth with a unique interview tailored to your Legion and not just a cut and paste interview.

I intend to do most interviews through Instant Messenger (i.e. AoL, MSN, Yahoo, XFire etc.) and will also feature the history of your Legion, playstyle and end game focus.

If this is something that your Legion would be interested in, please post here with your Legion website and an email in which I can contact the Legion Leader. I would like to get the first one up sometime this week or early next week.

Thanks in advance for your interest and for helping to build the Aion community!


One Response

  1. Now I have to go get a legion lol. It’s a great idea. Looking forward to reading your interviews.

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