Things I Think I Think about Closed Beta 5!

Just got done playing some Closed Beta 5, this time on a new character.  Decided to make a Warrior and, perhaps, go the way of the Gladiator this time.  Still playing on Siel, I made a Warrior named Democritus.  Here are my thoughts thus far about closed beta 5.

Democritus in all his glory.

Democritus in all his glory.

  • I think the character voices still need some work.  I chose the deepest, most threatening voice I could find during character creation, yet came out sounding like a high-pitched Kung-Fu artist.  Brucetta Lee, anyone?  I think it was a bug, but I am not sure.
  • I think I am more impressed with Aion’s graphics every time I play.  Aion has the best balance of graphics/performance of any MMO I have ever played.  LotRO had great environments and mediocre character models.  Age of Conan had great environments and very good character models but poor performance.  Aion has very good everything. Some of the textures look a bit muddy up close but all the important things look great and the performance is top-notch.
  • I think something needs to be done with Aion’s naming conventions.  Being able to have random capitol letters, numbers and spaces is making the normally horrible names even worse.  Plus, the fact that you are limited to only 10 characters in Legion names, is really limiting Legions.
  • I think the players coming over from WoW and Warhammer are in for a shock regarding mob difficulty in the early levels.  Mobs are tough even at the lowest levels and mobs in the Deforested Area of the Elyos starter zone
    Grain Snuffler

    Grain Snuffler

    can be murder.  Adds are a death warrant unless you are a healer in most cases.  Dying to a Grain Snuffler made me question my MMO-manhood.

  • I think I am torn on the issue of UI Mods.  On one hand I would love to see some mods that allowed for some UI customization, on the other hand its refreshing not having to worry about getting the “must have” mods that can make the game easier; Deadly Boss Mods type mods for instance.
  • I think I am equally torn on the issue of character size.  Being able to make your character small is pretty awesome from a customization standpoint, but its awfully silly looking sometimes.
  • I think the server was really laggy earlier, but calmed down after a bit.
    OMG!  I have a problem with crowds!!

    OMG! I have a problem with crowds!!

    The server was absolutely packed.  I got on my level 20 Chanter and it was packed at that level too.  Tons of people, all over the place.  After a bit the lag calmed even in busy areas.  Again the performance is impressive.  WAR would have been unplayable with half this many people.  Nice to see the capabilities of this engine again!

  • I think they really need to turn on general chat.  Even with everyone running around there was no chat because general chat was off.  I have no idea why they are doing this, because general chat is working fine in China and Korea.
  • I think I am not as concerned about kill-stealing as I was before.  Not having mob-ownership at first hit but instead after most damage, really concerned me at first.  After playing tonight and on C-Aion, it hasn’t been much of an issue for me.  Every so often I have problems, but its a rarity.  I would imagine people who regularly kill-steal will have problems with the server community.
  • I think that the cut scene voice overs sound pretty damn good and really add a lot to the cut scenes.  Similarly, the NPC voices are pretty well done.  Nothing ground breaking, but solid.  They add a fair amount of immersiveness and are a welcome addition.

Thats about all I have tonight.  I will say that each time I play the game it reinforces my decision to make Aion my next full-time MMO.  NCSoft is doing a phenomenal job and I judge that Aion is headed toward big things!


5 Responses

  1. While WoW and WAR aren’t the only MMO’s I’ve played. I had certainly gotten used to them. The initial difficulty was a shock at first. I died on my scout three or four times and was pretty shocked. But I’ve adjusted now and am loving it.

    I agree with all your points, especially about the graphics. Aion is just a joy for me to look at. I’m thinking about buying some more RAM memory and seeing what it looks like with the settings cranked to full.

    Anyways, happy betaing.

  2. i agree with you on most of those points, i think the height of chars needs to be more restricted (and perhaps head size), as well as the names of characters etc. As always, love the blog, keep it coming.

  3. Yeah I definitely agree with you on the whole naming Legions is restricted to 10 characters thing. Maybe it’s because CH and KR Aion have that same restriction but considering it takes letters to make a word in English, 10 characters isn’t enough. I wouldn’t know though since I’ve never tried either CH or KR Aion. And the height of characters is kinda ridiculous, I’m kinda jealous of those teeny tiny peoples because it’ll be harder for others to click on them in PvP right? Haha just a thought. I wouldn’t want to make my character freakishly small in any case.

  4. Yeah, I throw out a /agree as well. Sadly, I’m on Israphel or I’d have said “hi” :-).

    I hadn’t realized how much I was missing without the voices I think. I mean, I sorta noticed it before, but when I logged in this time, I was like “oh yeah, voices, duh”, and it obviously really adds to the immersion even if they’re not the most badass voices ever.

  5. Some good points you brought up about the game. I did feel that the number of characters on screen at one time could b e rather impressive. I swore I saw something like 50-75 people on screen and I still had a reasonable frame rate. It was a joy compared to what I remember of DAOC and Warhammer.

    The only thing I don’t like, are some of the mob types. Things like your Grain Snuffer there just irritate me as being Monster types. I don’t mind some of the really big and vicious monster types, but I hate the idea of dying to something that looks like a mutated ardvark. Dieing to a Flamingo just seems embarasing. It’s not dignified or a warrior, really.

    That’s one thing Warhammer did rather well. Most of the monsters were honestly monsters. They are big savage or crafty beasts. Some were not. Level 19 Farmers just seem wrong. But a level 19 Chaos Troll was perfectly on target. Heck, a Level 3 Hero Demon is just an awesome sight to see at level 1. It actually makes you feel like you’re already starting off as some kind of Hero right NOW. Not in 50 levels.

    But over all, I had a blast with Aion this past weekend. I can’t wait for more.

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