To Be or Not to Be….A Roleplaying Server Discussion.

Despite what you hear, this is not Roleplaying.

Despite what you hear, this is not Roleplaying.

Every time the Aion Beta Boards are up the discussion grows.  Supporters are many, detractors are few but seem to be vocal.  What discussion is this, you may ask?

Will there be a Roleplaying server in Aion?

NCWest has been fairly quiet about the issue, only saying that they are in discussion about having one.  Other than that we have heard no official word on the issue.

Full disclosure:  I am not a RP’er.  Though I played my fair share of Dungeons and Dragons and the like as a teenager, I have never been able to get past the mechanics of an MMO and allow myself to Roleplay.  Its a very difficult thing to do and I have respect for anyone who can.  With that being said, I have a tendency to role on RP servers.  For one, they tend to have a higher level of maturity and respect than other servers.  Secondly, they have less “immersion breaking” names than other servers.  Very few things in an MMO annoys me more than seeing “Ipwndyou” and the like as a character name.  It grates on my nerves something fierce.

The other thing I really enjoy on RP servers is the PvP.  For some reason PvP seems to be fiercer on the RP servers.  Maybe its because most are actually RP’ing their characters and treat the other faction with the hatred that the lore dictates.  Or maybe its because RP’ers are maddened by the unfair and totally untrue stereotype of carebears.  More than likely it is both.  Either way, PvP has been a lot of intense fun on every RP server I have ever rolled.

For these reasons and many more, I fully support there being RP servers available at launch.  Its more work for NCWest, as RP servers require more name moderation and the like, but in the long run I think it helps build a very strong community.  In other words, its worth it.

Please show your support for Aion RP servers on this thread on the beta forums and visit Aion Tower for their take on the same issue!


6 Responses

  1. I can’t think of a reason no for there to be RP servers. To each their own, right?

    I’m curious as to why they’re being reticent about this.

    • I think because RP servers require more moderation than normal servers. Plus the moderation can be so ambiguous. What constitutes roleplaying and what does not? And what constitutes a RP name and what is not? That sort of stuff. I am fully hoping to see them anyway though!

      • I voiced my support in a short post. But I’m writing up a longer one atm. Basically exploring the possibility that they are trying to learn from WAR’s mistakes.

        Though that not having RP realms would be a mistake. That it’s a question of how many and not should or shouldn’t.

  2. I don’t play on RP servers personally but I fully support them. I agree about names like Ipwnzu and various versions of legolas and that kind of thing has always annoyed me.

    Also as to your other post: I really enjoy the interactivity of people like Ayase and Liv keeping us updated on twitter and linking things like real player’s blogs, it’s awesome!

  3. Aion would be an excellent game to have a solid RP server. Character creation allows for graphical representation of creativity and the unfamiliar existence as a higher-level being allows for very curious and enjoyable new formats of play.

    That being said, I do not think the company should outright say they post a rule-set without aggressively enforcing it. When the RP core feels betrayed, they tend to devour themselves with raw negativity. High expectations lead to exceptionally hard let-downs, and the vast majority of the RP community does not continue their art if they feel like a minority in their own server.

  4. I played EQ and EQ2 for many years. I am now coming over to Aion. I rolled on EQ2’s RP-PvP server, Venekor, when it was launched with the 5 PvPother servers.

    I have to say, not having an RP server at launch would be a huge mistake. When EQ2 released their servers, they didn’t label them til hours later. Non-RP’rs were on RP servers, and vise versa, NA’s were on EUR n JAP n vise versa. It was a mess!
    People who had already gotten underway with toons didn’t want to re-roll, and that’s how I’m afraid it’s going to be if they put an RP server in too late. It wont get the population cause everyone will be established and have claimed items.
    And, If they decied to let us ‘designate’ an RP server, RP’rs are gonna have to put up with established toons who are farthest from an RP playstyle. And, of course, vice versa

    I can’t see NCSoft making mistakes that other games have made, but then again there always is a 1st for everything. This would just be a HUGE first for them.

    Everyone says it takes more work and attention. I say not really. With the exception of some Live Events NCSoft may do, and name change petitions from being reported for inappropriate names, There’s nothing more to an RP server than any other.

    It may be a Huge Pain if it failed, but if it were me:
    1. I’d open up the PvP server
    2. Watch the population over the next year in 3 month increments
    3. If population substantially declines after a year, merge the server with a lower pop server.

    I have a feeling that if an RP server were released though, it would surprise everyone how loaded it would be. Especially at launch.

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