All English Spellcasting Voices Revealed?

This Youtube video looks legit but I am not going to pronounce it 100% until I get some verification.  So, if it is legitimate, what do you guys think?   I like the male voices better than the female at first listen.  The music in the background is distracting and takes away from the voices as well.

Going to give it an initial B grade right now.  Of course, they will sound better during the game, where they are in their proper context.


11 Responses

  1. Not that I could do any better. But some of those ladies sound like something you would hear at a Con from cosplayers. Still, very cool.

    Also, did Male 3 and 6 remind anyone else of Zuko from Avatar The Last Air Bender’s English voice actor? Maybe I’m just going crazy…

    • I think they sound so meh because we are hearing them out of context. Take almost any fantasy dialogue, especially when its essentially gibberish, and put it on an island by itself and it will sound silly. Hopefully, it will sound better in game.

      • True. Not to mention that you’ll have battle sounds going at the same time. So maybe it’ll pan.

        Also. It sounds pretty legit. Not like somebody recorded it in there bathroom and posted.

        Unless there’s a shadow organization that’s buying up studio time to record and disseminate false Aion audio in order to deceive us…

        *steps away from the soda*

        Or not.

    • “Also, did Male 3 and 6 remind anyone else of Zuko from Avatar The Last Air Bender’s English voice actor? Maybe I’m just going crazy…”

      You aren’t crazy. It is him. They listed him over on aion source but I can’t find anything on his IMDB page.

  2. I thought it a fake because it sounded like 2 girls doing all the different voices…. I hope it’s not real

  3. makes little dif to me, as my voices will be turned off and anyone using voip should be doing the same.

  4. nice but would like to have seen maybe a few more diffrent phrases and voices , i rember with eq 2 they had some not huge names do some of the voices but still not too shabby actors . i think they need more varity but still nice

  5. Both male and female voices are amatuerish at best like they were pulled off the street and told to read phrases that they don’t understand the meaning to and that’s being nice. I have a pet peeve when it comes to voice actors. Anyways judging from what I heard from CBT5, which is done a lot more professionally and has passion behind it, this is fake.

    • These are real, you are just hearing them out of context, which makes them sound worse. 🙂

      • well its just too fishy until I get confirmation on this one from in-game or dev team its fake until then I’ll just roll my eyes at this everytime I hear it. plus it would better if they actually spoke english never heard or seen those words in-game or out before can someone tell me what language it is or what the meaning of some words are.

      • Think what you like, but its legit. They were pulled straight from the program files. Being isolated and out of context makes them sound strange.

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