Aion Messenger….and no we ain’t pigeons!

Going to start a regular feature compiling news from around the Aion world.  Going to start it off with some potentially big news!

News would be much slower if we went Old School!

News would be much slower if we went Old School!

Chew on this: In a post about Closed Beta 5 on Aion Source, Ayase had this to say:

You better be excited! I’m hoping to make an announcement tomorrow with more juicy details on CB5.”

Could we be seeing version 1.2 or possibly even 1.5 this weekend?  Or is an even bigger announcement?  My bet is 1.2, but I can’t wait for tomorrow to find out.  Gah!  What a tease!

Interviews are great: Brian Knox of NCSoft sit down for an informative interview with Ten Ton Hammer.  Covering the endgame PvP and PvE options and how they combine to create Aion’s unique PvPvE endgame.  Quick quote:

There’s world PvP, but we also instanced PvP as well. When we launch there’s going to be sixteen new instances than what their is in beta. Everyone knows that you’re going in to fight against other players. But in the world PvP, if you’re on the Abyss you’re putting yourself out there on the line. That’s also where a lot of the good rewards are and – I think – where a lot of the fun is in Aion.

That said, if you’re on your side of the world, eighty to ninety percent of what you’re doing is basic PvE. Players can receive these “infiltration quests” however where they can jump through portals and go to the other side of the world. There’s a whole system in place to help stop griefing and that sort of thing, but it still keeps you on your toes. It should remind them that a battle is still occurring without having them be constantly harassed.”

Read more at the link above!

We don't need no Harry Potter!

We don't need no Harry Potter!

Harry Potter need not apply: Ten Ton Hammer released another of their class Interviews, this time with the Sorcerer, and Liv does another excellent job of getting us excited about a class!

The Sorcerer’s main role is as a damage dealer, specifically as ranged magic dps. Sorcerers have numerous ranged attack skills, including AoE attacks that can attack multiple opponents. The additional role that a Sorcerer has is as a mesmerizer (for crowd control). Mesmerizing skills allow a Sorcerer to take on groups of linked creatures one by one. The Sorcerer is invaluable in difficult party quests or for infiltrating regions that are crawling with groups of monsters because of its mesmerizing skills.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

The Patch with Wings!

The Patch with Wings!

Its not final till it releases: Reminding everyone that no patch is final until it leaves the Test servers and makes it to the live realms, Aion Source has released a few changes that are going into the 1.5 patch notes.  The longer timer’s on instances sound particularly promising, get those folks out into World PvP!!

The Korean test realm has been updated with a new version of the 1.5 patch, it contains the following changes.

-Instance time limits have been changed. Fort-based instances now have a re-entry timer of 18 hours, Dark Poeta’s has increased from six to twelve hours while Draubniru has decreased to 6 hours.
-A substantial increase in party quests for the Elten and Morheim regions.
-Minor buffs to the Gladiator and Chanter classes.
-New stats have been added:

  • Cast speed
  • Hate building (Agro)
  • A resistance stat specifically for Crowd-Control spells, never again shall you be turned into a sheep! (We totally didn’t forget to mention this earlier… no)

There has also been a hefty addition to end-game items to take full advantage of the new stats.”

Aion Armory has also been updated with more than 4500 new items in 1.5 and a load of other stuff.  Read more about it here!!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday and stuff: Yesterday, the greatness that is Aion Source celebrated their third birthday.  Congratulations to Aion Source and I hope to see many more!

That’s all for now, folks!  Be back later with more Aion stuff!


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