New PvP Q&A with Brian Knox

Brian Knox, of NCWest, was kind enough to sit down with Ten Ton Hammer to answer a few questions about endgame PvP and PvE.  A very interesting read, indeed.

Ten Ton Hammer: So that’s where everyone was confused.

Brian: One of our major aspects of the game is the concept of earning Abyss points. You can earn these via PvP and PvE. So for instance if you’re out kill the Balaur, you can get – let’s say – ten Abyss points. And if you’re killing players you get ten Abyss points. You can earn the same gear by killing either the Balaur or the PvP.

You might make different choices in your gear depending on your playstyle, but you’re still earning points in a particular direction. You don’t have to “restart” if you decide that you want to play something different than PvP or PvE.

You can read the entire interview here!!! Thanks to NCWest and Ten Ton Hammer for a great interview!


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