Draupnir Instance Boss Video and Info.

I found another really nice video by Fylina (Fylina probably is making the best most informative Aion videos right now!), this one showing a brief walk-thru of the Draupnir instance boss, General Bakarma.

Keep in mind that General Bakarma is a level 50 instance boss and Fylina and company are only level 45, which is the maximum level currently in Chinese Aion.  Consequently, they chugged a lot of potions and had a couple of deaths.

The boss seems to be one of the more complex bosses I have yet to see in Aion.  The fight includes positioning, AoE damage, stuns, adds and debuffs in various phases.  One thing that I was wondering after watching the video is about the positioning of the boss.  Running clear to the other side of the area to get away from the spawned adds seems like it may be an exploit, as does positioning him higher up on the wall in order to outdistance the AoE.  I may be completely wrong about this, however.  If it is an exploit the fight would be ratcheted up quite a few notches if and when they fix it.

Either way, it looks like a fun boss and it looks like NCSoft is serious about getting content in for the PvE’ers as well.  Now without further adieu, Brigade General Bakarma, downed by Fylina and Company!


3 Responses

  1. This is one of the very complex boss at the moment in v1.0. very like other world raid boss, there are things you have to do at each phases to survive the battle.

    Sorry for not putting in annotations on the walkthru yet, will do it soon. But to answer your questions about the “running” around.
    I notice this map is a very large area free of mobs when u enter it. So, it might be because of this, “running” away might be implemented as one of the method to beat this boss.
    as for “glitching” the boss at higher grounds to aviod attack, i dont think we suppose to do that.

    currently we are max leveled at lv45, so things do change when we reach lv50.

    do visit my page often to find more boss fights, and other of my noob videos, and feel free to link them in here =). I do upload them for everybody to see.

    apprieciated that you like them.

    • Fylina, thanks for the information. You are, simply put, the best video maker I have found doing Aion videos. Very informative and well-filmed. Thanks for the explanation about the strats used in the video. Its nice to see that not all bosses are tank and spank! If you ever need this blog’s help in publicizing or releasing a video feel free to let me know!

      • yes please do help me promote my videos, I notice youtube have the worst search engine ever. try typing aion and all the sux video with no HD are ranked first with 1,000,000 views, while i am like page 10000000000 with only 300views and my videos are HD!!!!

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