Looks Like NCSoft agrees with me.

I recieved a lot of feedback about my last post, both agreeing and disagreeing with me.  One of the common misconceptions people had with that post is that many people thought I did not want any instances in Aion.  That is not true at all, I enjoyed many of the instances in WoW, LotRO and the like.  I just do not want the entire endgame predicated on instanced content, which is pretty much what it is in WoW currently.

Luckily, NCSoft seems to agree.  Someone directed me to the video below, in which an Aion developer, Ken Choi, deals with this issue directly.  You can view the video below:

Pretty interesting interview and one that I am happy to hear.

By the way, for those who wanted to see my Sunday video and pic post, sorry I didn’t get it out Sunday.  I got a new Burmese Python and was getting her settled all day.  She is a beautiful animal and only a few months old, here are a couple of pictures of her, that’s my wife holding her:

Cleopatra's face.

Cleopatra's face.

Cleo being Curious.

Cleo being Curious.

She will eventuall get between 15-20 feet long, sometimes bigger.  I used to have a 17.5 foot long burmese, which passed away a number of years ago, this is my first since her.

I do intend to make my video and pic post tomorrow after I gather enough good content.  See you folks then!


6 Responses

  1. Emm, you call THAT beautiful?? 😀

    • Yeah, she is gorgeous. Beautiful face, bold markings; a beautiful snake. You’re just jealous! : )

  2. Ohh, she’s absolutely beautiful. :O I’m definitely jealous; I love reptiles and would love to have at least one… but as of right now it’s illegal to keep reptiles and amphibians where I live. Boo. 😦

    So I have to settle for the next best thing: cats.

    • That sucks. Where do you live? No reptiles or amphibians at all? Yuck. I have a cat as well but I much prefer my reptiles. Always have loved ’em!

      • Norway. As far as I know it’s the only country in the world that has a complete ban on reptiles and amphibians. :\ I think the reasoning was something like “it’s not an appropriate climate for these kinds of creatures” … like you’re supposed let them outside. 😛

      • Wow, that sucks. I love Norway, all my ancestors are from there and Sweden, but that really sucks!

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