The Beta Conundrum

So, the next phase of beta starts on Thursday and with it my Beta Conundrum continues.  What is my conundrum you ask?  Before I answer let me give you some background.

I have played in many, many betas.  I have beta’d Earth and Beyond, WAR, WWII Online, AoC, WoW, LotRO and a few others I can’t, or don’t want, to remember.  I instantly loved WoW, instantly hated Earth and Beyond, thought WAR was very, very fun despite its problems and had varying degrees ambivalency towards the others.

So, again, you ask: “What is this conundrum you speak of?”

Very simply its the very real danger of burn-out when playing betas.  There are so many cool things about beta.  You get to try out different classes, at different levels, see things your friends haven’t and generally celebrate being in a game that the majority of the population knows only from press releases.

But, this comes with a big price.  Let’s take WAR for an example.  I got into that beta very early, as a consequence I created so many characters and had them erased, wiped, annihilated and flung into obscurity that I actually tired of the game before it released.  The initial excitement I had for the game was waning by the time the game released.  I had seen it all, done it all and I didn’t even have a tee shirt to show for it.

Now, I have Aion and, of course, I am in the “beta”.  I so want to play and level a character and experience the PvE, the PvP and the crafting.  But, how much time should I invest in it?  At what point do I risk killing the excitement I currently have for release?  That is where the conundrum lies.  (By the way, I love that word: conundrum!  Don’t you?)

Luckily, the Aion beta is a bit different than those I have done in the past.  So far, they have not given a hint that they are wiping characters and we are constantly starting over.  Also, this “beta” is relatively short compared to what I did in Aion, WoW and others.

So, yeah, expect to see me leveling up my chanter right next to all of you others in the beta.

And expect and in-depth report afterwords!


4 Responses

  1. I burned out on the WAR beta hard, but that game was not very good PVE wise and was boring. But I do see your point, we have to NOT play this game too much since we have to do this all over again in Sept

    • Yeah, I beta’d WAR back before they put the Keeps in, so much potential down the drain because of the worst MMO engine known to man. Sad.

      Funny thing is, as much as I love Mythic and DAoC, Aion seems the true spiritual successor to DAoC.

      Who’d a thunk it?

  2. […] at Aionic Thoughts faces a problem common to a lot of pre-release testers — beta burnout. You like a game and you want to play it, but do you do it all in beta or hold […]

  3. Yup this is exactly why all my characters will be on one side during the beta and ill be playing most of them to only lvl 10 just to have a look at all the archi-types.

    For the later level testing i’m going to be doing it with a class i’m not planning on playing 🙂

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