I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?

I played WoW on a PvP server.  Mal’Ganis to be exact.  For those not familiar with WoW, Mal’Ganis was the first PvP server.  It was also the server Goon Squad rolled on and was dominated by them and Horde in general.  Pure domination.  I was Alliance…..


Ganking was an art form on Mal’Ganis.  Once you left the friendly confines of the starting zone (and many times in that starting zone), you were fair game.  I was ganked by higher level players, players who waited until I had mobs on me, groups of players…you name it, I got ganked by it.

But, you know what?  I loved it.  I miss it.  I can still remember the names of the players that ganked me: Crunkshot, Blackdomina, Raffa and Nerd to name a few.  When TBC came out I transfered to The Underbog due to the queue on MG.  I can still remember the names of players who ganked me or I ganked there as well: Calculator, Tostido, Pastrami and tons of others.

When I went to WAR I really looked forward to the Open PvP, but it never captured the “feel” of the PvP from Mal’Ganis or even The Underbog.  I can’t remember any of the tons of players I fought there, not one.  It took me awhile but I finally figured out why.

I miss ganking.

Call me an anti-social, immature ass if you want but also…

I missed being ganked.

So call me an anti-social, immature masochistic ass.

You see, in WAR the PvP areas were just that; PvP areas.  Nobody really did quests there, everyone knew PvP was the purpose of the zones, so ganking didn’t really apply.  Even on the “Open PvP” servers of WAR, everyone just PvP’d in the PvP lakes.  You were safe doing Public Quests and normal quests, you were safe grinding mobs for gold, you were safe unless you went looking for PvP.

I figured out that I like the atmosphere that WoW and ganking provided.  While questing in WoW, my head was always on a swivel.  I panned my camera around looking for enemies.  I planned mob pulls around the, very real, possibility that I could be attacked by Horde at any time.  I did none of that in WAR.

On the other side of the coin, I enjoyed looking for people to gank.  I didn’t go out looking for lowbies, but I wouldn’t hesitate to kill them as well if I ran across them during my travels.  I didn’t camp normally but when I did it was because it was a known and hated guild or in hopes they would call out help and the fight would get bigger.

I have high hopes for this kind of PvP in Aion.  The Abyss is where most of the PvP happens, but its huge.  Better yet, it has many PvE and mob killing quests there.  People will have to be on their guard while there.  You never know when my Asmodian will come swooping down to kill you while you have two mobs on you.

I can’t wait.


10 Responses

  1. Will AION have PvP and PvE ruleset servers?

  2. “anti-social, immature ass”

    But at least you admit it and that is the first step to recovery. 🙂

    I never did play on a pvp server when I was in WoW but I did come to enjoy the occasional gank and be ganked when you were flagged or found someone flagged. My figuring was that an unflagged player was like a civilian in wartime. Non-combatant, leave them alone. But, someone who is flagged? Obviously a declared combatant and fair game. Even if they didn’t mean to be flagged, too bad, be more careful. I especially enjoyed coming up on flagged allies at neutral quest hubs who obviously didn’t realize that they were still flagged. You walk right up to them and get right in their personal space. (Best when you are a Tauren Warrior) You can tell that it takes them a second to realize what is going on. Savoring the moment of terror when they realize they are flagged and try to bug out. Just as they start to dash away, BLAM, shield slam to the face. Bwahahaha. But it is all cool, because they were dumb enough to not watch that flag. >:)

    I doubt there will be any kind of pvp ruleset servers or open pvp in general. Wow is much more fluid in its lay out. Much more shared space and zones. Aion appears to be more like DAOC where you have zones that are clearly yours, theirs or frontier zones. Also, I have heard that there will be quite a bit of quests and pve elements in the abyss so, hopefully that, watch your back as you try to do the pve thing might still be there while at the same time maintaining areas that will satisfy the carebears. I also got the impression from some of my reading, which could be entirely inaccurate, that there might be temporary gates opened up between zones on the two sides. It sounded like their could be occasional opportunities for random pvp in the pve areas, which sounds like a lot of fun without becoming annoying.

  3. @Seregul: All signs point to no.

  4. Yeah im in the club of missing the gankers.

    For all the trouble that greifing caused it added a certain spice to the oh so predictable PvE.

    I think aion could get the system pretty spot on with the Rift system, sure there will be ganking hotspots for a time, but word wont take long to get out of incoming high levels while your in the PvE leveling curve so you can always avoid the rift spawned areas and come back later if you dont want the excitement.

  5. No offense, but if being ganked in a leveling quest zone is something that is commonplace, this game is going to have a very hard time attracting more than hardcore PvPers.

    Nonconsensual pvp is not very casual-friendly. Newbies, by and large, don’t like getting killed by players when they’re trying to grind out levels. You may enjoy it, but I’m not sure it’s a selling point for a mass-market MMO.

  6. In the Abyss, which is the PvPvE zone it is fairly commonplace. In the normal zones its a lot less common and you have some warning. Rifts open up occasionally that you can enter and travel to the opposing factions PvE zone. Only a limited number of people can enter and when they do its broadcast across the zone. Normally the rift-travelers get hunted down fairly quickly. It adds a bit of spice to the PvE zones but isn’t so common place as to be frustrating, even for casual players, in my opinion.

  7. I think it sounds interesting. I played for over a year on an RP-PvP server. The world PvP was a lot of fun and it added a little more excitement to leveling. Granted, camping can be annoying… but otherwise, I found it fun to both be hunting and be the hunted. (And I love the Pulp Fiction reference!)

    • Its hard to get camped in WoW though. Unless you are low, low level. Spawn behind a tree or in a bush, mount up and run. Even easier at higher levels with flying mounts.

      • Regardless of whether it’s easy or hard to get camped in WoW, in general, camping tends to happen to a certain extent in PvP games/zones. And usually that is what will turn people off from wanting to play, especially if they are newer or lower level.

        My point – even with the occasional annoyance that is camping (or lowbie ganking), PvPvE can be very fun. And add to the experience. 😉

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