Launch Version Confirmed

First, some big news!  The official NA Aion site, Aion Online, has confirmed the official game version that Aion will release as in North America: version 1.5.


The latest version I have heard of is 1.3 which is not even on the Korean servers yet and adds a ton of new content.  Instances, weapons, armor and a whole slew of other additions are in 1.3.  So, what is 1.5, you ask?  Well after doing a bit of investigation I have come to the conclusion that 1.5 basically is 1.3, with very few new additions.

Regardless, this is fantastic news.  I said in a previous post, that I worried that NA would play second fiddle to Korea in terms of getting patches and content.  This shows that NCSoft is serious about the game here in NA.  The amount of content in this patch is truly awesome and should allow Aion to release with more actual content than any other recent MMO that I can think of.

For more information about 1.3 click here and head over to Aion Source to read the translated patch notes.  Prepare to get excited!


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