I.G.N. says they have an official release date.

According to IGN, NCSoft will announce the official release date for Aion today:

June 23, 2009NCsoft will announce today that Aion: Tower of Eternity will launch in North America on September 22. The European launch will follow several days later, on September 25. The company has been working on Aion for years now, and the fantasy MMO launched in South Korea in November of last year and China this April.

You can read the whole story here

That is on a Tuesday, so if the head-start is like most others, they should be starting those on Sunday.

Hmmm, I’m gonna have to ask for those days off from work!


3 Responses

  1. YES YES YES, I couldn’t play before 18th because there’s a huge party in my town I just can’t miss, 22nd of September is just perfect for me to play 24/7 😀

  2. 23 days after classes start. It’s better than the day after which I had expected. Unfortunately this means that we’re still 3 months away. What oh what will we do?!

    • Yeah, the wait will be excruciating. I am so bored, I used a scroll of resurrection on my WoW account, played for 30 minutes and logged off.


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