Beta Weekend!

Beta weekend started in the US today and, of course, I had to work.  After getting home I jumped on, downloaded a small update and jumped in.  This is my first time on a US server and, although I never got any real lag on the Chinese servers, the US servers run great.

I didn’t notice any major differences, but there is a bit of cleaned up dialog, with better translations and the like.  Looks like they are going to allow us to play both Elyos and Asmodian, despite the original plan.  Being that you can only level to 10 this time, thats a very, very good thing!  I forsee a whole lot of character creating this weekend.

I just read another nice impressions write up tonight, this time from Ixobelle.  He seems to concur with what most of us have said and he included a lot of screen shots!  One quote, in particular, summed it up well for me:

here’s the BIG thing for me: In the first five and ten minutes of playing, I was having FUN. That was what initially got me hooked on WoW. The sense that ‘here’s a game that’s fun to play, I want to see what’s over there, and what new spell I get when I ding’.

Nice praise for the game!  You can read more of his impression, including info on a certain Asian porn star that plays the game, here!!!

By the way, I didn’t forget about that promised write-up on the contrasts between Aion and other MMOs I talked about yesterday!  Real life just got in the way, I am working on it!

Till next time!


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