Here are a few Aion impressions from others!

To show that I am not alone in my praise for Aion, I thought I would throw up a few impressions from other bloggers.

The first is from Sanaya.  She is currently writing for, but she was Mythic’s Community Manager for quite awhile and if you played DAoC you are probably familiar with her.

She mirrors my thoughts pretty dead on.  This quote, in particular, is encouraging:

I haven’t wanted to play an MMO until dawn in years, but I almost did that night.

Her impressions can be found here!

Next up, I have Keen, from Keen and Graev fame, who has seemed to enjoy Aion greatly.  His impressions included a very nice HD video to give you a good feel for the world.  Like Sanaya, he too, found himself playing longer than he thought!

I played for six hours straight and didn’t even realize the time was flying by.  As we all know, that’s a sign that you’re enjoying the game.

You can find his impressions here and here!  The second link has the HD video.

Tipa contributes to a great blog about MMOs and gaming called West Karana, she (I think?) was amazed at the immersivness of the world, illustrated in this quote:

Aion is so polished that it gleams. Every inch and corner of the place is filled with nice little touches — like the pool in the corner of one of the starter regions (seamless world, of course) that has a dryad there who will leave you alone if you leave her alone. People were gathered at it, probably on some quest I hadn’t gotten, but — it was so immersive.

A very good read and you can find the whole thing here, with a nice write-up on the user interface here!

That’s about it for now, I am sure we will have another load of impressions after the beta event this weekend.  I am really looking forward to playing with other players that I can actually talk and converse with!  The Chinese client was great, but I couldn’t understand anybody!

Later tonight I am planning another write-up about the graphic/gameplay style of Aion compared to other MMOs I have played.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Of course, do not trust the Keen and Graev comments. They also enjoyed WAR and Darkfall..


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