My biggest fears for Aion.

I am having a blast in Aion right now.  It runs so smooth, looks so good and combat is so tight, its really hard to not have fun if you like this type of game.  However, I do have worries about the game.  Hopefully, they are unfounded, but that is something only time will tell.

1.  Bots.  NCSoft is notorious for being “bot friendly”.  Lineage 2 is totally bot ridden from what I have read, bad enough to be a lost cause on those terms.  Will Aion be the same?  Surely NCSoft must realize that a game can not be successful in the West with those problems?

2.  The Grind.  I don’t mind a bit of a grind.  Hell, I prefered WoW when leveling was much slower.  With that being said, I have a life and gaming is not 100% of it.  Leveling should be challenging but not life consuming.  Asian games, in general, have a reputation for a huge grind.  I hope thats not the case in Aion.

3.  Support.  I will admit,  I’m selfish.  I’m used to American games, where the American player gets the newest patches first and doesn’t have to wait.  With Aion it looks like Korea and the Asian markets will get the patches first, the new content first and we will have to wait.  I can deal with this as long as we are not an afterthought.

4. NCSoft abandoning the game.  I played Tabula Rasa.  I thought it was a unique game with problems.  One that, with the right support and developers, could be turned into a fun game.  It was never given that chance.  NCSoft abandoned it.  I worry that Aion could turn out to be the same.  Now, Aion seems to be in much better condition than Tabula Rasa, with much better content and with a polish that Tabula Rasa didn’t come close to matching, so that will help, but MMOs are a long, tough road.  There are no “instant” successes in MMOs and that include WoW.  Developers have to have a roadmap to where they want to go, how they mean to get there and they have to stay the course even when subs are down.  Hopefully, NCSoft will do that with Aion.

So, thats my top four fears for Aion.  Anyone have others or disagree with mine?


8 Responses

  1. Heya man!

    I have many of these same worries but i’m trying to have a little confidence about the situation. The way I look at it, NCSoft West is making a huge effort to present this product to the Western Market. A bigger effort then they’ve made in the past for their games. I believe that, given the amount of investment that they’re making, they will engage the bot problem and give us plenty of support by way of patches.

    Now, as far as patches go, I am sure that there will be some lag time between when the Koreans get it and when we did, seeing as how the game is originally Korean.

    I know the NCSoft in Korea is taking a very, very hard line when it comes to banning people that bot. I read an article yesterday that said they had banned many, many thousands of people for botting. The chinese, on the other hand, obviously don’t care. I would be willing to bet that bots aren’t as big of a problem in our version and if they are, they’ll get banned swiftly.

    Also, the game will probably have something like a quest grind that people will be faced with. It’s hard to get around at least a little bit of it.

    I can’t wait for the weekend though. I am looking forward to playing with everyone!

  2. Yeah, I’m sure things will be fine. I am not *too* worried about bots, I figure NCSoft is smart enough to know it doesn’t fly here.

    I can not wait either. Will be nice to Aion and be able to talk and understand the other players!!

  3. I wanted to make a few comments: (1) Support – it’s easy to understand how this type of things play out once you start looking at the game from the corporate perspective, and the basic rule of thumb is “whichever market will generate the most amount of revenue, that market will get the most attention”. Thus, if this game becomes enormously popular in US, then you can bet that we will be the first to get all the goodies. (2) Abandonment – same logic here. NCSoft was loosing money to TR – so, after a wile, once it became clear that there is no good way to turn this ship around, they made a decision to drop it – that simple. If sales and subscriptions are low for Aion, then you can bet it will meet the same fate. Of course not after vigorously trying to improve, market, save the day, etc. This is all hypothetical, of course – it’s highly unlikely Aion will not succeed in some fashion – it’s a quality product and timing, if not perfect, but good enough.

  4. I think everyone has touched on the main concerns so the only one I’ll add is how linear the game seems to be.

    With only 2 races and what appears to be 5 main zones, it doesn’t seem like you have a ton of options regarding where you choose to level at. So if you like to play alts, you’ll be doing the same content over and over again.

    This could be totally off base once we see the larger world, but for now, it remains a concern of mine.

    The other aspect is just how good the end game PvP zone/gameplay is. If it can harken back to early DAoC, then I’m hooked pretty much until SW:ToR hits…if not, well the search will continue. 🙂

    • Linearity is less of a concern for me, as I hear that the game opens up quite a bit in your low to mid twenties. That being said, more places to level is always a good thing and I do hope they add those as time goes on.

  5. Hiya, I love the blog. I think my main concern is how the PvP side will work out if one side ends up way more popular than the other.

  6. […] this is fantastic news.  I said in a previous post, that I worried that NA would play second fiddle to Korea in terms of getting patches and […]

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