Character classes (Oh God, more decisions!)

My first two MMOs, DAoC and WoW, I was lucky enough to find the class I loved in the first one or two tries.  In DAoC my first character was a Thane, which I played to level 20 or so before trying a hunter.  The hunter became my main after that and I played him for the rest of my time in DAoC.

WoW was even quicker.  I rolled a dwarf hunter as my first character and he remained my main throughout the next 4 years.  I loved him.  I also had a capped shaman and an almost capped druid, but I always found myself back to my hunter.

I wasn’t so lucky in my other MMOs.  In LotRO I had a fairly quick search for a main, after trying a burglar, guardian and hunter, I made a captain and leveled him to cap.  In AoC I made quite a few characters before settling on a Bear Shaman.

Warhammer was even worse.  I went through so many characters that I couldn’t name them all and I still have not made one I would consider a main.  I could have 2-3 capped characters, but instead I have none.  All because I could not settle on a main.

Now I am looking at Aion and praying that I do not have that trouble.  I think that the difficulties finding a main in AoC and WAR especially, were more driven by problems with the game than my indecision.  Or maybe I am just getting indecisive in my old age?  I don’t know, its easier to blame it on the game.

At first glance the Ranger would seem to be the logical class, as my best times in MMOs have always been with a ranged character.  The problem is I always try to use logic when making characters; what class is more rare?  What class will be needed at end-game?  That type of stuff.

Its not that I want to be the most powerful class in the game, to the contrary I enjoy classes that are tough to play.  The Midgard hunter was certainly no powerhouse and my WoW hunter was created and leveled back when hunters were more underpowered than anything.  I just want a class that isn’t overcrowded and needed at end game.

The logical choice, of course, is healer.  Right now, that is my highest class on the Chinese Aion client and I really enjoy her.  Luckily there is quite awhile until the release of the North American game client so I have plenty of time to settle on a main.  I just made a rogue with an eye toward ranger.

Lets see where this goes!


2 Responses

  1. “Its not that I want to be the most powerful class in the game, to the contrary I enjoy classes that are tough to play.”

    I have the same sort of mindset when I choose characters. I like to play classes that aren’t the most popular and aren’t very easy. I like to be able to let me abilities shine through and make a tough class a power house.

    Cool blog by the way. 😀

  2. From what I can tell, rangers will be the second-rarest class, with the rarest being the spiritmaster. Still, you’ll see an abundance of all the classes… I’ll be playing a ranger as my main, and they also seem to be more useful in pvp than pve (as they have very strong burst dmg but lower sustained dps compared with say, sorcs).

    Ideally, I’d want my class to be difficult to play, but rewarding when used right (mostly in pvp). I don’t want my class to be underpowered, or overpowered for that matter. I’m not certain that a ranger would be that class, but I sure hope so.

    In CBE5 I made a chanter though, as apparently rangers aren’t much fun and are slow to level until 19. On release though, ranger all the way! 🙂

    Great blog btw.

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